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Often, different scripts can be customized so that the appearance of food can be matched to a specific websiteeeds hope that search engines will devour and spider the contents, you will be disappointed. When JavScript is used to display RSS feeds, search engines not actually "see" the content of the feed, which means that search engines will not index the content of the feed within the website. Feedroll – Feedroll is a free service for the distribution of RSS and ATOM news feeds on your website. Simply select a feed, customize the layout, then copy and paste the code into your page. Using PHP to display RSS PHP is a more complex solution for displaying RSS. Like JavScript, and content updates feed, web page content will be updated as the page is updated. The advantage to use PHP to display RSS is that the content of the feed displayed with the website can be indexed and indexed by search engines. The result is a food that always displays the latest information from the RSS feed and web page content is considered search engines and the robot to use.

rss2html.php – The rss2html.php script allows users to create web pages that are always display the latest information from the RSS feed, and because the resulting page's HTML is pure, it will be in a nice format for robots of search engines. Using rss2html.php, webmasters can customize the layout and appearance of the web page created from food. The RSS feed content can be easily integrated into the subject of an existing website.

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