Lanselott Holland

The explosion ripped a huge force 'Hood' in half and turned it into a huge pile of metal junk, sunken in three minutes. In a place with its glorious ship Vice-Admiral killed Lanselott Holland captain Ralph Kerr and 1416 crew members. Survived only three men picked up their destroyer 'Elektra'. After the death of 'Hood' 'Bismarck' turned to the artillery attack on the 'Prince Wales'. Go to Movie Star for more information. Sinking wreckage 'Hood' were on the way British battleship and, leaving them aside, he found himself in a position in which was an ideal target. At 6:02 in the conning tower 'Prince of Wales' exploded shell released from the 'Bismarck'.

The blast killed all the sailors were in the wheelhouse, with the exception of captain John Kateralla and one sailor. 'The Prince of Wales' put a smoke screen and began to retreat, firing of feed the main battery guns. In retreating, the battleship got four hits from projectiles 'Bismarck' and three – from 'Prince Eugen'. But then Lyutens ordered a cease-fire by the British, in the 6:09 'Bismarck' gave the last volley, and then 'The Prince of Wales' away from the Denmark Strait. Implications for the 'Bismarck' was the following: a hard shell with the 'Prince of Wales' body struck the battleship below the waterline and exploded inside, resulting in a power station number 4 was flooded, and some water came into the adjoining boiler room number 2, the second bomb struck an armored hull above the waist and did not explode, was released through the opposite side, the result – a leak of 1.5 meters in diameter, through which in the bay fuel tanks came the water, and fuel was lost, and the third round, flying over the 'Bismarck', blew rescue boat on board.

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Preparing Digital Images

So, you have a digital photo (all the same scanned or taken on a digital camera), and installed Photoshop (any version). Many face the challenge of how to prepare the digital images for publication on websites or to send an email to friends. As well as improving the quality, contrast, color balance, sharpness? As all the same fast and easy to do this if you are not an expert in photoshop? Easy! 1. Crop. It happens that the photo shows a lot of nonsense, then you need to crop the image, ie select a piece.

On the toolbar (left), choose an instrument Crop. In the options bar on top we enter we need the size of the picture. For example, the standard for the web 800 by 600 pixels. Kadriruem (by clicking the left mouse button in one corner of the image and keeping the cursor, left mouse button and diagonally opposite corner), select Crop Tool necessary part of the photo and press the Enter key on your keyboard or double-click the mouse on the selected area. 2.

Contrast, avtotsvet, avtourovni. In the menu item (top) Image? Adjustments three auxiliary functions, which can make life of our photos better! Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Color. Apply them in the queue. Look what happens. And remember that if you do not like the result, we can always press Ctrl + Z. 3. Sharpness of the image. In the menu item (top) Filter? Sharpen? Unsharp Mask. Apply this filter choosing the parameters of field photos. (It is not difficult to understand what's what.) If you put a tick in the menu 'Preview' can observe the changes occurring with patterns. You can simply apply a filter to Filter? Sharpen? Sharpen or Sharpen Edges, which will increase sharpness without your Participation automatically. Try and choose what you wish. It all depends on your personal preference. 4. BW. If you suddenly want to (because of the aesthetic taste of excess noise or what else) to publish his photograph in black and white, you will come in handy is another feature available in Photoshop. In the menu item (top) Image? Adjustments? Desaturate Desaturate picture. Sometimes the photos are expressionless, pale, as if covered with dust. It appears to due to poor contrast. If you want to increase the Contrast, use the help of Image? Adjustments? Brightness / Contrast. Placing a checkmark in the menu 'Preview', we can observe the changes occurring with patterns. Grab one of the cursor 'engine' and move it left-right. The top regulator – it 'Brightness' bottom – 'Contrast'. Adjusting brightness, contrast, press 'OK' button. 5. Save for Web in the menu (above) File? Save for Web. Opens a special window to save the images for the Web. Top right select the format in which to save the picture (for a photo jpeg – format, allowing a minimum file size with minimal loss of quality) and quality (low, medium, high, very high, maximum). See bottom left how many kilobytes will weigh our image after saving, depending on the quality of preservation that we have chosen. Push the button 'Save'. And another thing: always save the resulting image with a new name, making no changes in the source file. You may need to once again return to him. Also, try not peresohranyat file many times, because every time you save is lost money. Now you can safely place the photo in the photo gallery photo contest, to send to friends. I hope the above recommendations will be useful to you!

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