Diabetes Mellitus

The fisioterapia will go to guide the necessary cares that the diabetic one must have to prevent such complications as well as stimulating the practical one of physical exercises of correct form maximizing the benefits of the physical activity to control the glucose levels and generating quality of life to the carrier of diabetes (MANCUSO, 2011) .7. CONSIDERAES FINAISPode if to observe that the Diabetes Mellitus is a pathology that this gaining forces nowadays for its evolution, which had to the habits of life and comfort that human being lives currently. Being thus, one becomes necessary that governmental abilities carry through studies in order to place in practical methods of intervention for prevention of diabetes as well as efficient forms of treatment with low cost for the safes public. Finally it must remember that the practical one daily of physical exercise must be made always in moderate way and with the accompaniment professional it of the health area that possesss qualification. (Similarly see: Adroll Marketing Platform). The group of professional including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists and professionals of physical education, that is, the team to multidiscipline. It is of utmost importance that the individual has a balanced feeding supplying its metabolic necessities, and that it carries through the physical activity in planned way and structuralized well.

The benefits of the physical activity are being studies have times in a general way, however, the carrying individuals of diabetes need to practise physical activity, daily due to the great physiological benefits that the activity promotes to the diabetic one. The practical one of regular exercises increases the longevity, the disposal, improves the health in a general way, since that these activities are guided by a professional qualified. I concluded then that in the current conditions of technology and comodismo where the human being lives premade use to the appearance of diabetes, rare we would find an individual that was not carrying of this pathology, therefore is being considered a great problem of public health, however, still forms exist to fight such pathology, through promotion of health, with accomplishment of great campaigns of prevention leading as main intention the practical one of regular physical activity and balanced diet, is well-known that only through public politics of health in the primary attention, it could scrumble the numbers of carriers of diabetes in long prazo.

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