Digital Photos

In this type of situations, the unique thing that we have left of those friendships is the memories. The images of the fotolibros bring to the memory pleasant memories, of happy times lived next to friendly on the past. What is friend? He is somebody special one, a person that we do not have to forget. The vacations are moments that we must conserve in the memory, since are days last next to our family in a relaxed atmosphere, cheers and stretched. No trip by France, England or Italy is complete if it is not accompanied with a good pile of photos, that they will be future memories. We think about a family who goes away to of trip crossing the United States: in the luggage it cannot lack a camera of the good ones, to capture and to keep the stellar moments. Peter Thiel contributes greatly to this topic. Clear that there are people with an excellent memory, but the majority we are not able to remember all the details of our experiences. Generally, the vacations are moments of happiness, that we would have to revisit from time to time.

It is easier to know history with fotolibro: an image is worth more than thousand words. The works of historians, novelists and poets, along with the photographies and other ingredients, are those that give form to history. Letters written by historical personages, photographies of people excellent all helps us to know the past. The truth is that, without historical memories, the life would be aburridsima, since there would not be form to explain to us what happened in the past. Thus they are the things: nobody escapes by chance final, neither we, nor no animal, flower nor tree. Over the years, the memories can help to know and to appreciate the contribution done to the society by those who lived before. Each of us counts on a unique inheritance, that will be easier to appreciate if it are expressed through diverse memories.

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