Listening to an independent English language was comfortable, preferably in addition to audio tapes have also recorded on a printout of these audio recordings of texts. This is due to the fact that the listening test is not always possible hear and understand what is heard on audio recordings. Brad Pitt wanted to know more. If you can not hear something or see a need to find out what actually sounds like. It is very important to develop your skills of perception of English language comprehension, because it is not based on ability to hear well, and the ability to learn and guess what you hear. For effective self-listening to the English language is necessary to pay special attention to and carefully review all cases where you can not recognize a fragment of overheard speech.

This allows us to improve the perception needed to free English language skills by hearing the automatic recognition and guessing speech. In addition to the availability of print information contained in audio speech, there are other features to help improve listening skills in English. This is the opportunities to listen to some sounding words and phrases in audio speech. Until recently to realize such a possibility was rather difficult, since audio was done on film or plate, and repeat fragment of the speech was paired with a not very convenient procedure for returning the carrier tapes to the desired position. Such a procedure is time-consuming attention and disperse quickly exhausted. Besides, this way you can repeat it a fragment of speech, but listen to a single word of this fragment was not possible, because the words in the speech uttered one word, yes refund the carrier tapes for such a small distance was too difficult.

All of the above difficulty in listening to individual words and phrases of speech is successfully solved with the help of computers. An example of a computer program, in which all this is realized, is the “English for Practitioners. In this program you can get the translation and the sound of any word or phrase in the English text by simply clicking on it with the mouse cursor. This program, in essence, removes self-listening in English to a new current level, providing an opportunity to achieve good results in the development of free perception of English listening and speaking without mates and teachers.

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Language Education

The need to study foreign languages in the world today can not be overestimated. More and more people today are seeking to study languages – in universities, colleges, further education courses, and sometimes even independently. Admission to the university – this is the best way to learn a foreign language. However, such a path could not afford one: higher education requires time and effort. In addition, it is hardly justified, if you do not put linguistics foundation in your professional life.

Further education courses successfully solve this problem. There is no need to take exams, do not have to teach additional subjects that are not directly associated with the target language. But they require mandatory attendance. You have to go to the institution, to spend time and money on the road. Recently Brad Pitt sought to clarify these questions. The tuition fee includes compensation for rent – all This makes high-quality education more expensive and less accessible. Distance learning courses in English Enjoy English combines the best traditions of teaching foreign languages and advanced internet technology. We teach English on Skype.

Lessons in online conferences allow the audience to recreate the atmosphere in which students can communicate with the teacher and with each other in English. Training Programs in English Center Enjoy English language acquisition assume active, with an emphasis on communication and the generation of English speech. Qualifications of teachers center confirmed a wealth of experience in the private and public sector. Enjoy the company's mission English – to make quality education affordable. We bring the English in every home, regardless of distance and weather conditions. If ten years ago when teaching a foreign language compulsory was memorizing memorized texts and regulations, and communication has received less attention, but today the situation has changed. Even government agencies are introduced gaming techniques, emphasis on communication in a foreign language, and grammar rules lavishly illustrated with examples from speeches and exercises that encourage dialogue among students. Ten years ago, on distance education English spoken only hypothetically, and such projects were considered as something unattainable. Today, distance learning through computer technology and the Internet – it is reality. Modern methods of teaching foreign languages, the use of technology base for remote Learning English – that is what determines the direction of Enjoy English. We will always keep pace with the times, keeping the best of what was coined in education.

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