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However, there are again and again to businesses and consumers that unbeatable cheap alternative to your current or your gas due to the rising number of new power brokers. Energy Magazine: Now there are over 20 alternative energy companies nationwide. They operate on the market some very aggressive. Learn more at this site: Peter Thiel. How safe are the new energy companies? Many citizens and businesses have to change anxiety because you’re afraid without electricity/gas due to the economic crisis. A.Albert: compared to other sectors, a change is very straightforward. There are virtually no risks for consumers / businesses.

For this reason, more and more distributors and energy brokers start with the marketing of electricity and gas tariffs. If a potential customer to explain that he will be always “supplied” a change because this is regulated by law – then you go to a decision. Will I pay less simply as a customer for equivalent energy. As consumers and businesses mostly one guess based on the enormous growth in alternative energy companies can decide. Energy Magazine: The economic crisis has hit hard the retail and various distributors. We have just the telecommunications such as mobile phone shops or in the sales to business customers can register a strong consolidation. How do you assess the market situation? A.Albert: I come from the telecommunications industry and also our parent company the HFO Telecom AG is a traditional telephone company. The usual growth rates have plummeted in the telecommunications market.

There is a high degree of market saturation. This makes many mobile phone retailers and independent consultants of telephone costs difficult to survive. We notice that especially in the last half of the increase in dealer was enormous. Especially called mobile phone dealer or independent phone cost consultants seek to bind new products to your customers and carry to a successful prospecting. If you try to a business get an appointment for an energy consulting, today is the chance to get this about 5 times higher than for a telephone cost advice.

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Hessian Innovation Award

“Quint sdi GmbH now also a member of the ‘ export initiative energy efficiency ‘ due to the great expertise and the experiences of many energy projects the Quint sdi GmbH is now also a member of the energy efficiency export initiative”. This instance set up by the Federal Government under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology in the context of energy efficiency supports German supplier of products, systems and services. By the inclusion in the network of “Energy efficiency made in Germany” the Quint sdi GmbH, provider of innovative, subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery in manufacturing companies, their competence in the field of energy advice once again increased. The main objective of the energy efficiency export initiative”is to offer world’s innovative techniques which reduce energy consumption, and to market. Add to your understanding with Peter Thiel. Doing activities in countries with high economic growth and industrial markets a particular focus of strategic importance for the export sector and Emerging. Germany enjoys an excellent reputation with these.

As a member of the network may call themselves Quint now not only part of the initiative, but use the logo of the initiative. In addition, the company is included in the project and cross-stakeholder information infrastructure as well as the comprehensive information on important fields of action. We are proud that we actively contribute to the preservation of our environment can and see our work now also officially confirmed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology “, so Michael Braner, Managing Director of Quint sdi GmbH. About the Quint sdi GmbH develop innovative, subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery and build a sustainable electric power, gas and reduce water and chemical costs and protect the environment – this is the core competence and the business model of the Quint sdi GmbH of Hesseneck in the Odenwald. With more than 3,500 installations and devices for manufacturing sites around the world, as well as multiple within a few months today the company among the leading suppliers and service providers in this field proven successes of savings of 100,000 euros With their extensive initial consultation, its concepts and its exact implementation the Quint sdi GmbH improves the competitiveness of enterprises noticeably, even more than the capital return time/payback is often only a few months and special funding programs of public authorities with discounted interest rates can be used to finance. This was awarded for the outstanding achievements of the company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, which include also the energy consulting and energy measurement in companies, 1996 founded and today 25 people scoring companies often. So the Quint sdi GmbH won 1st place among others the Hessian Innovation Award 2008 contact person for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, press & more GmbH, Nottulner road 90, 48161 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 2536 8001120 fax: + 49 (0) 2536 8001-24,. eMail: this press release can be obtained, area Press Center, electronically.

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Cadbury Energy

Cadbury factory reduces energy consumption and operating costs for new dehumidification technology a chewing gum factory of power subsidiary of Cadbury Adams has the company reported by realized a new dehumidification system compared to conventional systems, their energy consumption by no less than 60 percent and operating costs by an extraordinary 50 percent. Initially, Cadbury-Adams, tried to preserve these conditions by using the installed sorption wheel, but the wheel tended to emit heat, where the procedures needed substantial additional cooling. Under the strict production conditions and the high outdoor humidity and temperatures, the sorption rotors had to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. For these reasons, a dehumidification system was replaced according to the principle of the sorption rotor by a so-called ADVANTIX system, which operates on the principle of liquid desiccant. Chewing gum production requires a strict control of humidity and temperature conditions. The chewing gum production is a multi-step process, where each one different temperature and humidity required. With the installation of the Israeli ADVANTIX system, the chewing gum manufacturer in the location was annually 300,000 KW, corresponding to 60 percent, to save on energy costs.

The cost for the setting up of the system were 11 percent lower than for equipment with the sorption rotor, a return on investment (ROI) of 2.3 years and reduced operating expenses, so most effectively. The company reduced its maintenance costs and thus again inexpensively produced an excellent and popular product. ADVANTIX systems are used worldwide. These systems are based on a liquid dry system on the physical basis of the water in the dead sea. The system uses a non-toxic salt solution of water for the dehumidifying and air cleaning, which largely eliminates bacteria, micro-organisms and odors. There is a procedure to the cooling and dehumidification of air, which is based on the use of a hygroscopic, saturated solution of lithium chloride. The solution acts as a Sorbents used honeycomb structures of the air to be dried. The desorption of the solution is done in a separate process, which is operated with via heat pumps of heated Sekundarluft (E.g.

outdoor air, exhaust air, etc.). The solvent circulation is self-contained and requires no additional media with the exception of electrical energy. The ADVANTIX program consists of 3 different variants, the a) working alone on a current basis, b) as and/or in addition based on renewable energies, such as PV, heat, etc. and c) only on renewable energy. Thus, ADVANTIX is an interesting variation in the area of decentralized cooling and dehumidification of sorption wheels cannot be used. This applies in particular, because it is a stand-alone system, which bypasses the problem of condensate removal. But also in the area of the central air conditioning applications are possible especially due to the high COP values. ADVANTIX systems is a leading manufacturer of air conditioners and dehumidifiers, the very high Energy savings in commercial and industrial applications. As a pioneer in the use of liquid desiccant, ADVANTIX provides powerful air conditioners and dehumidification systems with cooling, control of humidity, significant energy savings and clean air free from allergens, bacteria and mold. With competitive investment costs for new and retrofit applications, ADVANTIX offers compelling economic efficiency, better performance, and an improved environmental performance.

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