Supporting Customers

To do a better job to support your customers, you need a system to collect information about them and how they feel about their products and services. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of questionnaires on a regular basis. Ask questions like: Why buy from us? How well does it meet your needs? How can we improve what we are doing? What we do not do what we would like do? How do you feel valuable about us? What is valuable about our competitors? You can ask these questions through a questionnaire sent by mail, e-mail, or by having one of his employees called. Besides the obvious usefulness of knowing the answers, you get some bonuses as well. First, its customers will be delighted that the trouble to find out what they want. Second, you will learn about specific problems that might cause you to lose. You'll get ideas for their products or services and you will find some valuable information about your competition. When you know you've lost a customer, try to bring back through an interview.

If you do not get back, at least you can get valuable information that will help prevent you from losing additional customers. But first you have to figure out why they stopped doing business with you. And the way to do this is by asking questions like: Was it a question of price or quality? It was a best offer from our competitors? Was the inadequate response? If not kept promises? Were there any unresolved complaints? Was the general dissatisfaction? If you are sending a questionnaire by mail or telephone interviews with them always use open questions that require an active response. Use questions that begin with What? When? Where? Who? What? How? You will find that open-ended questions help to reduce the number and specify his reasons for leaving.

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