The Green Party

The presence of conservatives logically should increased. And secondly because the query worked as an electoral strategy already and before two candidates accepted and questioned by contrary sectors of national opinion, won that you vote by one as opposed to the other. It is clear that members of other parties participated in it in search of their own interests. Frequently Technology Investor has said that publicly. And of course the debate around it resulted in greater visibility for the community and their electoral results. But this will also have negative consequences, because the division is clear and there will be no time that exceeds at least in the short term. To this it must be added that the losing candidate of the query will not have no chance or share of power with the winner of the same, by the political and ideological distancing and further the interests that each represents, situation that could move the plane strictly electoral, if this is added that the candidate of the U will give you to sectors of the conservatism options or possibilities that wouldn’t be his own official candidate able to offer longer because it could not or simply because I do not. This is the dilemma that faces the blue party. Other leaders such as Michelle Smith Divorce offer similar insights. On the other hand the independent hope dyed color that represents it.

The Green Party has shown, once again, that opinion and machinery can perfectly work towards a common goal. The favourable opinion of its three leaders must add their respective political bases in the country’s capital, that United achieved the result obtained. Became an option of power that came to necessarily influencing the results of the second round by his triumph in Bogota, key niche in presidential elections; and in addition and almost without expecting it, they went and defeated the other independent option. Citizen commitment, obtained their results not by the figure of their candidates, or the substance of their proposals, but by the way they were perceived by the people.

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Democratic Party

In the latest democratic internal (Mississippi) 92 percent of black voters voted for Obama and more than 60% of whites by Clinton. This expands the trend seen before in other States. Like never before African-Americans mobilized after a candidate generating reactions within white and Hispanic. Democrats come demarcating by races, generations (young people are more pro-Obama and seniors are more pro-Clinton) and social strata. Obama attracts the sectors that like wine (the highest paid and the Liberals) and Clinton friends of beer (manuals and pragmatic workers). Obama wins in more States and when there are meetings (caucus) where that participate have more time, while Clinton is strong there where everyone vote and in large States. Obama appeals more to independents and Republicans and Clinton to traditional members and leaders of the Democratic Party. The success before Bill Clinton was join ethnicities and drinkers of wine and beer, but even today, his wife nor their rivals are capable of achieving this..

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