National Technical Plan

In GCO Telecom we have analyzed thorough the bases of the contest of licenses of radio FM and we offer some considerations to you at the time of presenting/displaying On 2, the envelope that scores, the one that contains the technical supply of your transmitter. This on it is of capital importance because in him the aspects take shelter has cause that your supply is winning, like the technical characteristics, the plan of businesses and the programming of the transmitter. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. How I must present/display On 2? It is necessary to consider that unlike on 1 (which one only appears), of on 2 we must present/display so many as localities in which it is desired to have frequency. In the case that in a same locality there is more than a frequency you only present/display on 2 and in this one specific your order of frequency preference. A same person (physical or legal) cannot present/display two supplies by a same locality.

If she wanted to do it thus, would have to create a society different to be able to bid. Important: the supply appears in electronic support, in a file pdf that can be printed. Follow others, such as Michelle Smith Divorce, and add to your knowledge base. In addition, without limit in the number of pages. And they ten in account you must present/display that it in on closed, in the outside of which is identified the bidder, the locality, and its company/signature. What licenses available has? The National Technical Plan of 2006 granted to Valencia 31 licenses. A good project must reflect well and adjust to the technical characteristics of the frequency to which you bid. For example, considering the coverage area that can be seen in the map. And this is important not only by technical questions, if not because on her other aspects depend. For example, in a frequency with an ample coverage area, the plan of businesses will have to reflect that it will be arrived at more population and therefore more publicity will be able to be obtained.

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Channels RDSI

The RDSI (ISDN) is an evolved technology of the network of telephone of wiring of pair of copper RDI (Red Digital Integrada), this one gives digital connections from a side to another one providing a great fan of services by means of interfaces standardized for the clients. This Integra system digital data and of voice in the same structure. Isdn (RDSI) has a type of called connection BISDN that works under the broadband line, being able of to fuse both services thanks to the technology of the optical fiber being opteniendo higher speeds. This technology owns much quality and high speeds that work under the flexibility of the service of the wire net. This system among others has several uses in the world of the communication being the most important connection to Internet. The ample necessity to transfer contents multimedia and data requires of faster connections of Internet, being this system able to work with volumes of great size and giving less errors in the unloadings of contents.

The speed is of 64 Kbps (channel B) and 16 Kbps (channel D) having the user in the combination of 128 channels Kbps being quicker than a 28.8 modem of Kbps. Technology RDSI assures a connection to Internet more quality. The basic interface on watch (BRI) is the destined one for the home and the small company and the interface of primary speed (PRI) for great users. Each tariff owns a number of specific channels for the transmission of services. Line ADSL for houses and companies are of a 256 bandwidth of Kbps and 2 Mbps being the difference with respect to technology RDSI of the 128 Kbps of its two channels, this last one is more expensive. Perhaps channels RDSI do not get to fulfill all the exigencies of the users yes although that owns functions enough optimal ones for certain user group. The speed of connection and its tariffs make of the ADSL a perfect election since their tariffs are chords to the line contracted by the client. In order to study supplies ADSL and more attractive connections for the consumer, exist a comparative Web ADSL with all the information necessary and useful to be able to sail by the network with the package that is resembled our needs more.

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