Telephone Interviews CATI

For the first time using cati telephone surveys were used in the mid-80's, when America appeared a special software for conducting telephone interviews. In Russia, this technique began to develop several later – in connection with the appearance of the country's market economy, there is a need to study the demand for various goods and services. cati survey method, in contrast to surveys face-to-face ('a personal interview ") saves significant time spent to the interviewer to move around the city, searching for a desired respondent himself questioning. Decreases the probability of failure of the interview – when the phone rings, the person in any case raise the handset, while the per-apartment for the interview is quite difficult to just walk into the entrance. The telephone survey may not be very long (OT3 up to 15 minutes), while the door-to-door survey can last from 30 minutes to an hour. To read more click here: technology investor.

Polls by cati are more economical, because the customer pays only for the time of the interview, and do not spend money on printing forms and transportation costs for their delivery in the survey using personal interviews. Another advantage of telephone surveys is the possibility of outgoing calls from respondents across the country from one automated center that provides data in a short time and with the greatest possible geographical spread. Thus, we can say that the telephone interviews by cati are a convenient way to research for information of various kinds. Substantially reducing the costs of the survey, higher quality work interviewers an opportunity to expand the study sample with minimal costs. But at the same time, the choice of research method depends entirely on the willingness of the researcher. Door-to-door surveys as well remain popular, and in some cases allow to collect more specific information, which are difficult to detect in a telephone interview. Therefore, in many cases, choosing the method of study should be considered such factors as the complexity of the particular survey, the subjects of the study, the task force and is based on that decide what is the method of investigation would be most expedient.

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