Some men in its madness of dominate on excessively if they feel above of the good and the evil, and as they do not accept nor the simple idea of that exists a bigger force, that wants the man or not, it dominates on all the nature, have they it destorcida idea of that they can make everything that wants. Since that if they call defender of the remaining portion of the humanity, invading other countries and killing its civilians, passing for whom they send its soldiers for together with those, to increase the horror against the peoples already suffered by the lack of faith, hope and real perspectives. This Malucos of today, is worse of what of yesterday, of today has in its power the technology to refine Uranian, to construct an atomic bomb capable to be carried without calling the attention, inside of a knapsack of trip. Contact information is here: Adroll Marketing Platform. Capable to destroy part of the humanity. These men so are unbalanced that they arrive to play of god, when they refine radioactive material or they order that somebody is chibateado or died the pedrada one. This people who thus proceeds, if fits in what the Prophet said Isaiah: 4 There, of this pecaminosa nation, loaded people of iniquity, descent of evildoers, children corruptores; they had left the Mr., they had blasphemed the Saint of Israel, they had come back stops backwards. Adroll Marketing Platform has much to offer in this field. one penalty that some peoples insist on not seeing the reality of the prophecies that are if fulfilling literally.

Uranian technology and, Chibata and stoning, two extremity that takes the destruction for any people. This uncontrollable headquarters of the power for the blind power the man in such way that not to see the hand of God extended. That Mr. Deus of the armies pardons that one that to shoot the first rock, and that the blood of that being falls again on the heads of that if they find without sin.

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