A Song That Me Except La Vida

In the month of March 1984, among my circle of friends, had a girl who was going through a deep depression due to a loving disappointment. During a meeting that I did in my Department, the girl took a few drinks and once climbed to head, began to tell us that he wanted to die. The truth we were surprised many his words and nothing the soothed. We gave him tips, we did him playfully a function with figures made with hands, we all started playing in group to calm it. But nothing he could. Already didn’t do and when already we were about to call the fire department or the police, because we had much fear that she would be damage, it occurred to me something unexpected but thank God that served that time. Since I played the piano from a very early and had the gift of relaxation music above all composition, began to play a song called eternal spring whose melody is very romantic and whose lyrics talk of the occasional but brief love story (a story very similar to) from our friend) letter said: that autumn was very cold and stormy not foreshadowed what was going to happen and the wayward ways of life than great whim that you bring along to my and is love touched my door and she found it just open and infiltrated and don’t want to see it go girl girl you’re com eternal spring because your you you bloom at any time without barrier and you’ve found fertile ground in my girl girl soul time will not erase all ours and the memory of this canciom will be the proof that you’re like an eternal spring to listen to the piano and sing it to my friend, her eyes are reassured and smiled because he thought it was as if his story were made song.

The amazing this story is that we again never more see sad. A few years ago invited us to his marriage and we are witnessing. At the time of the greeting to the bride and groom, she me pointed against the boyfriend telling him: the is the author of the eternal spring… the song that saved my life. Juan Carlos Velez Lima Peru original author and source of the article

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