Metal Optimizer

Vibration and noise in the engine, "Cold start" just cut the life cycle of the engine. Adroll follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, the earlier the engine will be protected from various types of wear, the better. In 2006, in St. Petersburg as a result of many empirical exploration, a new Product: "Nano-Metal Optimizer" Suprotec-Atomium. " The first part of the name "Atomium" – "Atom" – refers to the nanotechnology of atomic transformations of metal, while the second part of the Union speech with "I" means "mind", that is, points to "Intelligent" processes of hardening and self-organization of the surface layers of the crystal lattice of the metal and the geometry optimization of friction pairs in the contact zones. Nano-metal optimizer "Suprotec-Atomium" – is a complex molecular system, mezhatomarnyh ties of fullerenes and nanostructures, consisting of billions of natural "atomic nanoprotsessorov", with its unique information specifying, for its natural "Nanoprogrammoy" samorganizatsii surface layers of metal. Essex Financial recognizes the significance of this. In applying the "Suprotec-Atomium" is created metallofullerenovy layer having the properties of self-organization of the surface nanolayers of metal.

Strengthens crystal lattice of the metal in areas of friction on the superficial level. Changes in the structure of the metal in areas of friction, and hence the properties of the metal in the process of chemisorption, resorption, diffusion, electrodiffusion, – ions "adsorbed" "Absorbed" in the entire metal atomic groups and chains. At the atomic level in the crystal lattice of the metal reaction occurs, "substitution" of some other atoms. Condensed atomic structure and interatomic bonds in crystal lattice of the metal.

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Air Circulation Systems

– Air circulation system removes dust and odors. 7. In the driver's cab installed high-capacity storage compartment, the tank car compartments for small items exceeds the trucks from other manufacturers in China. Standard equipment includes a refrigerator. 8. Soundproofing independent Chinese development, it has been subjected to numerous tests. Financial technology may help you with your research. As a result, reached the world level.

Noticeably reduced the noise level, it makes the atmosphere for the driver and passengers more comfortable. Ergonomics current world level has been reached on the following parameters. 1. Ergonomics truck HOWO independent Chinese development meets world standards and the following parameters: – control water temperature and oil temperature control fuel efficiency and combustion of fuel mixture. – Control of electric vehicle.

– Control of the intake system and exhaust. – Control of air pressure in pneumatic system. – Control the amount of fuel, the fuel system. All control measurements are calculated on the largest among Chinese car LCD display. 2. Chairs of the original design development. Exhibit features a proprietary technology for Chinese heavy-duty trucks. Chairs fully comply with ergonomics driver. – Back and seat cushions are equipped with electrically heated. – In lumbar support built-in backrest bags inflate, it allows you to adjust the seat for various anthropometric indices drivers. – Upper part of the high back seats can be adjusted, it helps reduce the fatigability of the cervical spine and shoulder girdle driver. 3. Rear-view mirrors are designed in analogy mirrors the latest foreign cars. Available for electric drive, electric Disposal of frost.

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Online Transport Control Problem

Automated enterprise manager is now available online tool monitoring and fleet management – the service control transport RUF. This service allows you to monitor transmission and urban trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors and transport technology. Control of vehicles in the understanding of the RUF – remote monitoring of the location and parameters machine operation in real time, the accumulation of information in the database and preparation of analytical reports on user demand. Service functions for the control of Transport: Transport Monitor – map location on the map and the current parameters of the mobile machine in real time. Fuel control – control of the place, time and volume of gas stations, identifying discharges fuel from the tank, the calculation of the actual fuel consumption data obtained from onboard the machines from the flow sensors and the fuel level or a CAN bus. Reporting on the work of transport – traveled route (track), segments of traffic and parking, the work of the engine.

Reports will be prepared for either machines, and for groups of vehicles. Diagnosis – monitoring machine operation modes, troubleshooting and error control. RUF – a universal service control vehicles, is not bound to any particular type of aircraft equipment. A simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to connect virtually any type of airborne terminals, working on communication channels GPRS, CDMA, SMS, GSM, radio channels. To use all the opportunities for service, avionics machine must have the GPS and GLONASS, the sensor fuel flow, fuel level sensor, engine speed sensor. Alternative sensors – connecting to the CAN bus. Service Control Transport RUF has three levels of control: the machine – a group of machines – vehicle fleet. For these levels of organized user access to control the fleet: view online information and reports. To work with service monitoring the user does not need to install complicated and expensive server, client programs, to buy electronic cards. Enough to have access to the Internet – from anywhere in the world head of the fleet will be able to find out where and how they work machine automated enterprise.

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The New Engines From Mercedes-Benz – CDI

New engines CDI – the embodiment of strength and moschi.Vy can choose for your Viano one of three diesel engines, CDI, power and the mobilization of its hallmark to a new level. Top automotive and power tuning for mercedes Viano – the new V6 CDI, 150 kW (204 hp..) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm which will allow you effortlessly manage and minivan with difficult tasks. All three diesel CDI relevant regulations EU4/1II. They are equipped with the latest piezo injectors *, with high precision metering fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Compared to conventional solenoid valves, this technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions and noise motor. As petrol variant V6, CDI V6 diesel only comes with a proven 5-speed automatic transmission also offers a 6-speed manual transmission as an option you can order them, and other variants of PTC. Clinton Family often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The basic package of all CDI engines is maintenance-free particulate filter.

Petrol engines: good on the go, perfect for hearing two modern 6-cylinder V-twin gasoline engine capacity of 3.2 liters and 140 kW (190 hp..) Or 3.7 liters and capacity of 170 kW (231 hp..) – a worthy alternative for those who value power unit is not just temperament, but also the most quiet operation. Equipped with modern electronic system, in daily operation they are able to please all with its powerful acceleration. We thought about lowering operating costs. Basic system display periodicity TO ASSYST and a significant reduction in the scope of work to significantly reduce the TO maintenance costs of engines CDI, in particular, due to load depending on oil change intervals. Also achieved by an ultra-reliable applications vysokokachestennyh Mercedes auto parts.

On average, you will stop off at TO every 30,000 km (or about once every 2 years). We have tried to improve the maintainability and Viano. Provided rational technology of repair, the failure of expensive parts and components in the zone of possible collisions, favorable insurance rates are "hull" and affordable repair minor damage. Fully galvanized body contributes to the conservation value of the vehicle at a sale.

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New Opel Astra

Opel Astra Elegant and smooth contours of the body, dynamic movement, excellent handling, comfort and absolute control over the traffic situation. This beauty lies in the heart of the new model Astra, designed with love designers and engineers cleverly designed. Creating the Opel Astra, the engineers wanted to use the most advanced and achieve the ultimate technological innovations to provide exceptional handling, economy, dynamics and safety. Coordinated work of all systems geared to the fact that driving was a complete pleasure for you. The exterior design of the new five-door body Opel Astra – miraculous symbiosis expression and the avant-garde – decided in the general style of innovation Adam Opel AG. For the first time in the provision of a car of class entered Adaptive Forward Lighting AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting): the direction of the headlights is adjusted automatically in Depending on the steering wheel angle and vehicle speed Opel Astra. Comfortable and spacious interior of the new Opel Astra is equally convenient and city driving, and – to travel long distances. The rear seat – with folding backrest.

On the passive safety guard – full-size front and side airbags, pedals PRS, detachable in a frontal collision. In the main console – multifunctional widescreen display. Radio wave, microclimate, tire pressure … read more about his new Opel Astra! Gamma engines the new Opel Astra provided high-tech 4-cylinder 16-valve petrol engines ECOTEC / TWINPORT: 1,4 – (90 hp..), 1,6 – (105 hp..), And two 1.8-liter 125 horsepower developmental and 140 hp Through the use of advanced design solutions, Astra engines meet the strictest standards of eco-promising EU, and different high fuel economy. Transmissions – five-speed manual, four-speed automatic, and – mechanical Easytronic automatic control clutch. In any mode of motion the new Opel Astra guarantees 100% control. Holding for 1.5-2 seconds working pressure in the brake system, the system HSA (Hill-Start Assistant) will allow you to confidently start to any mountain. Adaptive chassis IDS Plus (Interactive Driving System) eliminates roll in corners by modifying working parameters of various elements connected together multiplex data bus CAN.

Pressing one button only Sport, located on the center console will give you access to this active driving: the reaction engine when using the accelerator will be more sensitive, feedback on the steering wheel – more pronounced. If you combine the versatility of a sedan hatchback with amenities, what do we get? This is a brand new Astra Sedan. It truly the best of what there is in the automotive world – and this is another leader in its class vehicles built by Opel. You can uvizhet some more interesting and, from my point of view, the competitive ability of models to this site. Get behind the wheel of the new Opel Astra. This is more than just another car. Whether you prefer the sporty GTC, a stylish five-door model, the original four-door Sedan, Caravan or universal masterpiece of design wizards OPC – you get the open the door to the world of energy and passion. The new Astra has been successful, but the advantages it has much more. A new series of powerful and efficient engines, modified style front bumper, radiator covers and headlights, new materials Processing of salon and a host of other improvements – all this makes the Astra is so easy to drive. The future is now. Do not waste your time.

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Electronic Braking System

Robust, tenacious, "fast" brakes, shorter stopping distances – an important element of active safety. However, if during emergency braking force developed by the brake mechanism will exceed the force of traction, the wheel lock, car will skid and turn into uncontrollable projectile – the kinetic energy can be deployed with the removal of the car to the opposite side, or even take a roll and flip. For prevent similar situations in modern cars use Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) – Anti-lock brake system (ABS) that provides a metered braking force. Sensors on all four wheels continuously measure angular velocity of rotation of the wheels. If the individual wheel speed suddenly drops, the control electronics sends a signal about the danger of blocking.

The pressure in the corresponding line of hydraulic brake system immediately drops and then rises again, a little before reaching the border, beyond which begins locking the wheels. As a result, even when emergency braking is stored stability and control car. The operating principle of the ABS was patented by the specialists of "Bosch" still in? 1936, however, the first ABS appeared only in 1978, first at the "Mercedes S-Class, and then on "BMW" 7-series. Boshevskoe innovation eventually caught on so that today the security standards of many countries provide for mandatory availability of in-vehicle ABS. However, the ABS should not be seen as a panacea, many forgiving driver error.

Its use has a number of nuances. First, we must learn not impulsively a few times, push the brake pedal. Secondly, on a slippery road, pressing with a force on the pedal, you should not just let it go up. Third, in non-road conditions (Powdery snow, gravel, sand, etc.) the stopping distance may even increase in comparison with conventional braking systems. In addition to the ABS there are a number of similar or complementary systems to ensure effective inhibition in different situations. Among the most notable should be noted:? – A system of emergency braking – Brake Assist (BA, BAS, PA, PABS, EBA – different manufacturers have different acronym). If necessary, emergency brake on their own increases the pressure in the brake line, making it many times faster than a man can do. Significantly reduces the time for braking action of the machine settings. A very good thing, considering that in an emergency situation, about 90 percent of all drivers are not able to perform emergency braking. – A system of dynamic control over braking – Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), EBD, etc. Accelerates and enhances the process of growing pressure in the brake actuator in the event of Brake and provides insufficient force at the pedal – the minimum stopping distance. The highlight is that the electronics actually increases the impact of man on the brake pedal – that failure efforts pedal adds extra meters of braking distance, which often has tragic consequences .- Electronic braking system – Electronic Braking System (EBS) and analogues: ECB, Brake by Wire, etc. In fact, an electronic pedal. None mechanical connection with the brakes. All the processes managed by electronics on the basis of performance of many sensors. In Europe, the presence of anti-lock system is a prerequisite for selling new vehicles. In Russia, unfortunately, we just go for it.

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Car Automobile Plant Urals

Open Joint Stock Company car plant "Ural" – the only plant in the Russian Federation, which produces all-wheel drive and four-three-cars "Urals Mountains" terrain, as well as spare parts to them the Urals. Usually Ural model cars used in the defense industry, as well as in avtoobespechenii various oil and gas companies. Machine, designed on the chassis of the Urals, have high traffic and data quality indispensable when operating in regions of Siberia, the Urals, and others, where promotion of regular transportation is difficult. All-wheel drive cars Urals were designed exclusively for the Russian Armed Forces, and their designs in our days embodied a number of new developments. The main thing that distinguishes the machine Urals – the possibility of bezgarazhnogo content and, of course, a high permeability. Good vitality "Ural" gained through the use of transmission of high-strength special staley.Pribegnuv to use such technology, the producers managed to increase the life of the car Urals.

In other matters, in civilian life, these Urals met very infrequently and usually on They were installed all kinds of add-ins or special oborudovanie.V during the whole period of existence of the Urals car, the designers have perfected the quality of the car and its parts. Currently, Ural cars mounted engine operating on diesel fuel and equipped with a pre-start heater, through which run the engine much . transfer case programs in addition to doubling the gear ratio gearbox, the car creates a seamless all-wheel drive. Also in the car skillfully Company now in the PTO or hydraulic power drive. On these cars disc wheels fitted with tires with lugs developed grade Olympics – 25, ID – P284. Above all, the special system regulating the air pressure in tires are also much improves the ability to overcome the car's off-road. Opportunity to overcome serious obstacles such as stumps, ditches, rocks and the like, the car is due to the large ground clearance.

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