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The works are classified by geographical regions, which in turn are divided into different themes; for example, within Egypt, you can access a u travel online by the most representative works of the dynasty of Cleopatra or the most striking images of Egyptian mummies. Moreover, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the museum objects, online visitors can also admire the most outstanding works of the temporary exhibitions through the this web news section. Petesburgo the largest Museum of Russia Hermitage Museum and one of the world’s largest houses in the six buildings that compose nearly three million objects of art, among which one of the art galleries, along with the del Prado, fuller there. Adapting to the digital age, this museum has incorporated into its web page several sections that allow you to perform different virtual visits by his works. In the section tour virtual, online visitors can tour one to one, according to the plans, the numerous rooms of each building and admire the most significant works of each one, in detail and can contemplate also, if desired, even the views of the city can be seen from the rooftops of this museum or the more symbolic images of the historic centre of Petesburgo. From another angle, you can iterate through the works exhibited one at a time in the section virtual views, where this museum funds are classified by topics or collections, presenting high quality images of the objects with their corresponding data sheet.

Virtual museums of Spain from the guide of museums in CONSUMER EROSKI, any Internet user can access web pages from 34 museums of fine arts highlights of our country and admire their works through virtual tours that offer some of them, like the Thyssen-Bormemisza Museum, the Museum of contemporary Spanish art, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. On the other hand, from the website of the Prado Museum, also located in the list of the most visited in the world, you can admire a selection of the 15 most representative of this art gallery works, download the audio guides in Spanish and English of the main masterpieces of the Museum’s collections or browsing, thanks to the technology of Google Earth, by the reproductions of 14 masterpieces, such as Las Meninas, the Knight of the hand on the chest or Las Tres Gracias, watching with detail strokes and strokes of the author.. It’s believed that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts sees a great future in this idea.

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Governments Forests

Beyond of the appeasement of the climate change, we must also help to cope the most affected populations and adapt to the inevitable. Consistent action to mitigate climate change requires global participation in reducing emissions. Rich countries should set an example with the first step. Developing countries have contributed little to the amount of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and the rich have the resources and technology to cope with a deep and early emissions reduction. Moreover, middle-income countries have capacity to deal with its growth in a sustainable way; they will have more capacity to implement a new model of growth if they have the financial and technological support of the industrialized countries. Developing countries need massive investments to provide the energy needed to facilitate the economic growth, job creation and improvements in human development. It is essential that these investments are consistent with the protection of the climate system. Peter Thiel has similar goals. Because it is the climate of all who would be protected through the use of more clean technologies, in line with other actions.

This will entail additional costs, especially for many middle-income countries: therefore, it is necessary to find the appropriate funding channels that allow them to offset these additional costs. In addition to changing our energy habits, we must implement with decision other measures, including the protection of tropical forests. Much of this forest is in Brazil and other middle-income countries. When these countries protect their forests, they are providing a universal service to humanity. Brazil and other developing countries, without a doubt, must make an effort for the protection of their forests, thus contributing to the overall reduction in emissions, but do not could be reinforced if counted with support? the international community adequate financial? A financial support which, undoubtedly, should be particularly relevant in the least developed countries.

Supporting mitigation policies in large developing countries will ensure it downward risks of meteorological disasters and improve investment performance that makes the world to promote development. It is time for a concerted action by Governments. There are no excuses.

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Environmental Contamination And The New Technologies

It indicates with true (v) or false (f) to each one of the following proposals: Petroleum, the gas, the solar energy and the coal are fossil fuel examples. The burnup of gas or gasoline does not present/display any problem for the environment. Ozone is considered a polluting agent environmental. It indicates which of the following substances contributes more to the greenhouse effect:

It indicates with true (v) or false (f) according to corresponds: Acid rain increases the pH in the ground. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. Nitrogen dioxide and ozone contribute to the formation of photochemical smog. The nitrogen and sulphur oxides generate rain acid. The presence of smog in a city is clear by the color of the atmosphere (characteristic of the NO2). A) celestial B) yellow C) brown-reddish D) dark E) green 05. It indicates with true (v) or false (f) to each one of the following proposals: The greenhouse effect is that one phenomenon that it avoids that the totality of the energy emitted by the terrestrial surface escape to the space and is lost. The main gases of the greenhouse effect are dioxide of carbon, aqueous vapour, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and chloroflourocarbons.

The gases of greenhouse effect of greater influence in the Eson climate CH4 and the aqueous vapour. With respect to ozone it indicates true (v) or false (f) according to corresponds: Ozone in the stratosphere avoids that the ultraviolet radiation damages the alive beings. Ozone constitutes part of the urban smog that contaminates the atmosphere. The ozone layer is located in the ionosphere.

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