It will be an eyesore. Therefore, this requirement should be considered when selecting street furniture, and, moreover, a kind of street furniture should be stored in a project of the whole neighborhood to make it harmonize with the urban environment. The requirement will agree is important, but perhaps there is more. 3. Safety of street furniture. Still under development should be includes measures to reduce traumatic street furniture.

That should be considered when designing, say, a children's play equipment? For example, the height of buildings that would be a fall from his child received minimum of damage, and generally better without them. Still need to take into account the peculiarities of the form of equipment – a maximum of rounded shapes, the absence of sharp corners. Just observance of hygiene, surface texture and so on. Claims of this nature a lot, and they must all be taken into account. Learn more about this with foursquare. All this applies not only to children's play equipment, but also urban street furniture.

4. The functionality of urban furniture. Advance must be defined dimensions, pick up materials, to develop some constructive solutions taking into account the purpose and possible features of the use of street furniture. For example, park furniture. This furniture must be designed for mass festivities, and our people tend to disparage city property. From this it follows that park furniture should be as protected from vandals, to avoid being broke and yourself, God forbid, do not is injured. 5. Manufacturability of street furniture. That is, should be taken into account peculiarities of the materials and manufacturing process technology, which often affects the price of the product. 6. Can still be called among the requirements for street furniture of its versatility. In this city furniture should be a minimum of parts to assemble it could not even trained person. It's not an airplane and not a car, after all. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michelle Smith Source Financial. Unfortunately, in today's market town street furniture, only a small number of producers take into account these requirements in the manufacture of products. A cursory examination of the proposed designs, we can see that the whole city is divided into outdoor furniture steel, wood, concrete, stone, and the so-called mixed. This furniture has all the materials used in the above-mentioned types of street furniture. In our subjective opinion, although we agree with many designers and technologists involved in the development of street furniture, the last type of furniture allows for the maximum take into account all the above listed requirements for urban street furniture. Unfortunately, at the price it will always give steel and wood, and, hence, this furniture on our streets will not be enough, while we with you will not be able to reach gradopraviteley and lawmakers, giving them know the price of street furniture is not the point. Importantly, to meet the all the above listed requirements. In my opinion, in this respect more fortunate residents of Krasnoyarsk, which understands that the future for such furniture. Outdoor benches and urns with stone sides and a sturdy metal frame installed on many city streets, in parks and squares. So let us learn from the experience acquired in Krasnoyarsk in the last decade! Experience in the use of modern street furniture, secure and multivariate, comfortable and well tpolyubivsheysya inhabitants of the harsh Siberian city!

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