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Beyond of the appeasement of the climate change, we must also help to cope the most affected populations and adapt to the inevitable. Consistent action to mitigate climate change requires global participation in reducing emissions. Rich countries should set an example with the first step. Developing countries have contributed little to the amount of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and the rich have the resources and technology to cope with a deep and early emissions reduction. Moreover, middle-income countries have capacity to deal with its growth in a sustainable way; they will have more capacity to implement a new model of growth if they have the financial and technological support of the industrialized countries. Developing countries need massive investments to provide the energy needed to facilitate the economic growth, job creation and improvements in human development. It is essential that these investments are consistent with the protection of the climate system. Peter Thiel has similar goals. Because it is the climate of all who would be protected through the use of more clean technologies, in line with other actions.

This will entail additional costs, especially for many middle-income countries: therefore, it is necessary to find the appropriate funding channels that allow them to offset these additional costs. In addition to changing our energy habits, we must implement with decision other measures, including the protection of tropical forests. Much of this forest is in Brazil and other middle-income countries. When these countries protect their forests, they are providing a universal service to humanity. Brazil and other developing countries, without a doubt, must make an effort for the protection of their forests, thus contributing to the overall reduction in emissions, but do not could be reinforced if counted with support? the international community adequate financial? A financial support which, undoubtedly, should be particularly relevant in the least developed countries.

Supporting mitigation policies in large developing countries will ensure it downward risks of meteorological disasters and improve investment performance that makes the world to promote development. It is time for a concerted action by Governments. There are no excuses.

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National Policies Promote The Rise Of Crusher Industry

At present, the level of the urbanization of central region is relatively low. In a question-answer forum Clinton Family was the first to reply. Therefore, the plan of promoting the rise of central region proposes that the urbanization rate of the central region should increase to 48% in 2015, which means the pace of the future construction should be greatly accelerated urbanization. The increase of the urbanization rate brings direct impact on the development of the real estate, construction and consumer and infrastructure service industry. It’s well known that the central area is rich in resources, such as energy, raw materials, especially the mineral resources. Therefore, in order to complete the requirements which are put forward by the plan, you can start from the rich resources of central area. Hence, the plan proposes that we should strengthen the exploration of the important mineral resources, optimizing the layout of mineral resources development and exploitation, further improving the utilization level of the mineral resources and enhancing coordination of industry capacity, layout, structure and development so as to consolidate and enhance the resource base position of important energy and raw materials in central region.

With the progress of science and technology and promoted by the national policy, many emerging industries are moving into the various fields of the industry production at an unprecedented rate, which promotes the rapid rise of central economy. The new development of the central area will the intensity use of mining machinery, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher. Consequently, China s mining machinery manufacturing enterprises have increased their investment, research and development efforts. According to the information data, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd is the largest large scale manufacturer of mining machinery in the central region. Our company is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing.

It is located at the High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, China with an area of 50 thousand m2 which includes 15,000 m2 of standard heavy duty industry workshop. Equipments are more than 160 pieces, including large and medium sized metal processing, riveting and installing equipment. The plan released by the government is a great opportunity and challenge not only for Hongxing but also for the development of mining machinery industry in China. China cement mills: iron ore concentrator:

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