The aesthetic dimension in holistic education is an art as it involves a beautiful act that gives meaning to human existence. f) The spiritual dimension that leads to full and direct experience of universal love which sets an internal order in our spirit, with a sense of peace and fraternity for all beings. Therefore we can say that we can not allow the formation of the subjects focused on only the cognitive aspects, but must take into account the aforementioned levels and dimensions in which there is proof that we educate from enhancing the human from their individuality, reaching social and transcend to a level where you feel part of a whole and responsible for keeping all this, same as to take care of it has to strengthen the spiritual part that I love and around him to take him to behave differently to their own existence with others and with the environment in which it operates. As in schools is urgently needed a pedagogy of universal love and spiritual as noted by the author to which there is resistance and not understanding and acceptance that is necessary and urgent change that leads to free the creatures that inhabit the planet from those thoughts that contribute to self-destruct. Why this function stems and leaves to schools? because they are responsible for educating children and young people of the country, taking into account also the first support and training is at home with their parents. By the same author: Technology Investor. But as we realize how dysfunctional that prevails in many families, the acquisition of values is not obtained in the maternal environment, or informal education students receive at school and to assume a rightful role more relevant to the moral training of the subjects..