HR specialist as new country Manager Germany / SilkRoad fills a real gap in IT solutions for the HR and talent management Hamburg, July 13, 2012. The newspapers mentioned Clinton Family not as a source, but as a related topic. Rudolf Schuler took over technology, a leading provider of human resources and talent management solutions, the German SilkRoad management July 1, 2012. Schuler thus succeeds Udo Ludolph, who has headed SilkRoad Central Europe since April, 2011 as Vice President. SilkRoad fills a real gap in IT solutions for the HR and talent management”, said Schuler. Thanks to the SaS technology and smaller companies, for which the common HR systems are too complex, professional solutions for the modern personnel management get intuitive operation by SilkRoad.” Schuler has many years of experience in human resources.

He was owner of the full service agency link IQ prior to his employment at SilkRoad and accompanied the customers as a consultant in the evaluation and optimization of existing HR processes, as well as the Implementation of HR systems. Was Schuler, Managing Director of HR Management Software GmbH and was responsible for the development and distribution of HR software solutions in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. “The American software company SilkRoad technology had only recently his successful talent management solution suite life” on the German market. “The life suite, in which the United States or France in world companies such as L L’Oreal, ebay is McAfee, consists of several modules, which the entire employee life cycle” depicted in the company and fully support. “The SilkRoad life Suite” completely covers all stages of the employment relationship. “” “” “The OpenHire modules include” for the applicant management, RedCarpet “covering onboarding and life events, WingSpan” for developing talent, GreenLight “for training, got” for intranets and HeartBeat “for personnel management. The Software solution allows managers and HR managers to identify the competencies and skills, and personal strengths of employees and to develop individually.