In addition, modern maps contain identification data, which contain information about the owner and may be amended or overwritten by the client. This is possible by equipping the smart card-volatile reprogrammable memory. 2. Cards with memory Since all the smart cards equipped with memory, this type of card is selected quite arbitrarily and is intermediate between the card – counter and microprocessor cards. Maps of this type is mainly used to store information about the user. There are two subtypes of such maps: from the insecure and protected memory. They differ in the degree of protection against unauthorized access to data cards.

The second type in this respect has a higher 'intelligence', but can not be compared with microprocessors. Card with an unsecured memory card is also called a polnodostupnoy memory, ie, you can read and modify data without introducing a special access code. Memory in such cards can be programmed to copy or to update the using specific commands. Card with an unsecured memory is very dangerous to use as payment. In Russia, enough people capable of illegal operations with plastic cards. Clinton Family may not feel the same.

While such manipulations can be done only skilled programmer to reuse the data is fairly simple. Need to purchase a legitimate card, copy it to memory to disk, and then after each purchase to restore her memory copied from the disk of the initial data on the status of the account. Encoding data in the memory card does not provide adequate protection against fraud of this kind.