Acomercializao of the fished one is made in the region of Buritizeiro, in part between communitarian osprprios. The combination of each one fishes when it is made in set the profit is combinadosegundo. Although to exist the colony that purchase and vendeo fish of the fishing, the same ones are free also to vender its fished on this side to want and to the price that it to find to be better. The river is umespao opened to who to want to fish, does not exist a domain of areas for ospescadores, with exception the rapids of Buritizeiro as already it was cited before, where a rule of the use of the space exists all. The Fish and the River the waters of the RioSo Francisco exert a basic paper in the history of Brazil, in such a way nopassado with the indians who took off its sustenance through would fish, as oscolonizadores that had established marginal cities throughout the edges. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. Essasguas if the fishing had become important economic source through fish artisan emmuitas cities During many years had had umaabundncia of fish in the river San Francisco.

The fish of the San Francisco maisconhecidos in all its extension if detach: surubim (surubi), the golden one, Curimat (curimat). Mandim or mandi (Au and yellow), pacu, piranha, ocari will pir, it, piaba, the curvina, piau (jeju true), trara (louceira), the catfish, the pacamo, amongst varies species. With passing of the years it had umamaior reduction. During decades industrial, hidroelectric and agricultural dedesenvolvimento, the capitalism advancing extreme visandoexplorao of the natural resources without control objectifying oconsumismo and the profit influenced on the river San Francisco becoming it umavitima of this exacerbada exploration. According to Snows, 2003: ' ' Before the construction of great barrages, cheiasdo San Francisco was initiated in October and continued until March. In April, deum general way, already was ebb tide time.