I do not defend the existence of public television, at least in the sense of what we have in Spain, which are tools of political propaganda rather than providers of a service that does not provide private enterprises. But since they are there, why are deprived of the possibility of seeing them to people interested in them? For political reasons, obviously. And I do not go here on the legality of the closure of TV3 in Valencia or in the technical reasons that protect it, since one and others are perfectly correctable. I’ve already explained on other occasions that some federal States, such as Germany, do not have autonomous channels but disconnections of State public television, with the budgetary savings that this entails. In others, such as United States, PBS, only existing public network, brings together community organizations, educational or premises which permit the issuance of unprofitable programs of social interest that otherwise would not have fitted in the waves. Why, precisely, its percentage of viewers just it reaches 2%. Raison d ‘ etre of TV3 as well as the Dean of the regional television, the ETB Basque was the projection of the vernacular, and that is also the reason why their issuance in the community alters the pp, restless by the subtle linguistic border between Valencian and catalan that diffusely maintains the Academia de la Lengua Ascensio Figueras presiding. That is a concern that comes from afar, from the same dawn of Canal Nou. Add to your understanding with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

To avoid language pollution, already in its first stage, directed by Amadeu Frabegat, was chose because people of Catalan-speaking interviewed in our regional chain, as it happened to Angel houses, express in Spanish rather than Catalan. Who behind the broadcast of TV3 in the community are found Eliseu Climent, the cultural animator pancatalanista sponsored by successive rulers of the Principality, since Jordi Pujol to Artur Mas, passing by Maragall and Montilla, moreover, seems to justify the misgivings of the Consell. However, in defense of TV3, by say it somehow, I want to make some considerations. That autonomic channel was in its infancy, under the direction of Alfons Quinta, a renewal with respect to the ossified State television, both in his book of editorial style and in professional and technical agility of its reporters. Then, from the arrival of his successor, Enric Canals, fell into the same defects as hypertrophic TVE.

Even so, TV3 continues bringing a fresh air to the stale atmosphere of public television. It emerged, for example, Andreu Buenafuente, best Spanish driver of late night shows. It airs daily news of Josep Cuni, the plural and objective of his style. And in it, also, Toni Soler presented Poland political satire program, in the wake of the ingenious go semanita that the ETB Basque issues. Someone is capable of imagining that Canal Nou attempts something similar, ironically in his case the figure of Paco Camps, in the image and likeness of what happens in the other televisions with their? respective Chairmen? For these reasons, minor, if you will, by which disturbs me the disappearance of TVE of Valencian television spectrum, beyond the technical, legal reasons and up to policies that justify it. For me, as a lover of quality television, it is therefore a genuine pity. Original author and source of the article.