The word "promotion" has firmly entered the business lexicon, replacing the dubious "promotion." What is behind this transformation? What is behind these mysterious terms? Perhaps it is only a means to earn money for marketing and advertising agencies? To answer these questions, our correspondent asked the company "Symposium." The terms "promotion" and "promotion" – Russian synonyms that marketers commonly referred to as "media planning." This set of marketing activities, developed with allowance for the interaction with the media. If you look at the popularity of these terms in search queries, Yandex, see: more than 60 million pages displayed on the word "promotion", 27 million for "promotion" and only about 600 thousand for the word "media planning." Consequently, the undisputed leader in Russia can be considered "progress." Many agencies are trying to sell their services, attracting these fashionable term. But not always have sufficient experience to competently implement the subtle differences in the relationship and advertising media. Their level of competence defines what is behind the proposal, a real help to the business or wasted money. That you should consider applying to the agency to develop advertising company? Before you order an advertising campaign, you must carefully examine the alleged executor. It is important to understand what their own resources does the company have enough experience in it for the quality of individual decisions, what tools are used in her work. The more opportunities for the company, the more flexible solutions can offer it, the more optimally and efficiently will be disbursed promotional tools.