But where shall wisdom be? Where is the place of intelligence? No man knows his value. (Job 28: 13) Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and who obtains the intelligence (Proverbs 3: 13). Technology and human temporality. The disposition or inclination for the technique is inherent in human nature, there is no record or evidence of what exactly was the first technological creation of the ancients or the descendants of Adam. This is part of the little knowledge of everything how much belongs to yesterday’s humanity.

However that no shadows shine and topicality of the techno – society of the present and the future. Well we can deduce that at first the man creates or uses an object to satisfy a primary or basic need (help, protection, defense, game, education, etc). With the passing of the centuries the tools and technique are multiplied, grow and are transformed until it reaches an influence and presence so critical that nobody today denies the total techno – human dependence. The objects that once were built to save time, make the work easier, mobilize us and entertain us; in the 21st century are those that regulate, control or direct to the society. In the midst of these circumstances produced technology is to study, predict, control, or save time. Much of the technical development save some relationship with the precision of movement and time.Absurd would be to deny the countless advantages of the machines to study the secrets of physics and mathematics of the time; Similarly all users of the technique would defend with justified reasons the availability of time have thanks to her. However, it seems that that time extra this reserved to devote himself to acquire material things, and a lot of it is technical, there is no then time to be better as human, but to have the best as consumer.