New POS system for the Federal Garden Show 2011 that 2011, short is approaching Bundesgartenschau BuGa 2011, which will take place from April 15 to October 16 in Koblenz and a whole region is waiting eagerly on this event. For the town of Koblenz, the prestigious event in every way is a win. Logically, that thousands of additional guests from home and abroad also the restaurateurs from across the region are looking forward to the event. Because more than usual are visitors populate the Cafes and restaurants and should provide good sales. Not just a question of beautiful weather, but especially also the organization is whether this will succeed in the individual plants. Certainly, the seasonal workers are already posted and available.

Are but also the POS systems on the State of the art and the onslaught of several months grown? Has come the PosBill GmbH something special up all restaurateurs who want to deny this, and not only with pad and pencil to the guests send their service personnel. As a leading provider in the area POS systems want to 2011 offering special all customers in Koblenz and within a radius of 50 km two top sellers as BuGa, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. With maximum touch”including POS software and thermal printers can differentiate Treasurer technically definitely now all restaurants themselves of takeaways. Not only because of the appealing design. Whether space or table plans, open and clear illustrations or invoice split features textured.

With this Einzelplatzbundle of PosBill each restaurateur brings its checkout system on the amount of time and can still significantly improve efficiency in his settlement. “Specialist offers that is still not enough, POS systems with compact checkout fanless” mobile with PosBill “and Thermobondrucker a Funkbundle of class. The handset communicates wirelessly with the maximum that can send even birthday greetings or advertising mails to loyal customers and generating price lists for a variety of occasions. Say a Jack of all trades. And the best part of two bundles: the simple Ease of use. So computer rings become enthusiastic users team also PosBill with his worldwide experience in the fund sector provides for hotels and restaurants. Because the complete applications are preinstalled and must be commissioned just yet. It’s not easier. To make tasty this offer also apparently still unbedarftesten restaurant owned by the PosBill GmbH came up with still a goodie. You just bought a 1950’s packaging unit Bon roles in the net 59,50 EUR. Whether the fruit? Yes, why not, because finally you can save. Easy BuGa2011 ‘ add the order and you are doing. And everyone wants to be eventually.