This film was called sweet dreams and was starring among others, Danny De Vito and Penelope Cruz. In this film the story was developed in the sense one of the players used to awaken within the same dream, finding out after this was called lucid dreaming, thus entering this term for the first time to my knowledge. And what benefit an individual brings to this? As to realizing a person consciously that is within a dream, you can begin to orient the dream at its own discretion; flying, fighting against hundreds of opponents and beat them all, make appear a Ferrari 0 Km and begin to manage it; because ultimately it is our dream and in him we can do what we want and in this case (lucid dream) consciously. However my objective experience a lucid dream wasn’t it; but of power sugestionar to the subconscious. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kaiser Family Foundation. Now well why is difficult to sugestionar it? Because when it is more open to our claims it is when we are asleep; for that reason claims are advised to do them before bedtime or as soon as we got up, because in those moments we are still with the mind in a State of semireposo. Then the objective that I propose to me with this technique is sugestionar to the subconscious mind from inside same her. That is when we were asleep, this sacred Temple which contains the subconscious closes its doors to consciousness, encapsulating within dreams (the Trojan horse); that’s when we went inside of the horse and take advantage of the situation when the mind is less defenses through lucid dreaming. Up there stated by me is only a hypothesis, because even though I had this year four lucid dreams, because of the emotion that meant it, as if opened the door to a magical world, where one wants to make an expedition to that territory unknown to the surprises that we can bring, is that I could never keep our minds cool to focus on my goal of sugestionar to the subconscious.