Ukrainian Navy

The length of Donuzlav about 30 miles, the coastline is indented with numerous bay inlets and spits. South Beach over the rocky and steep than the north. Bottom near the shoreline mainly stony and muddy, the muddy depths of the thickness of the layer reaches ten meters. Width near the sea up to 9 kilometers, as we move deeper into the Gulf of Crimea, he gradually narrowed. Maximum depth – 27 meters.

Such characteristics make Donuzlav very similar to a river. Some scientists actually believe his successor of the ancient river. From Sea bay partially separated two braids: the north and south, between which there is a channel connecting Donuzlav the Black Sea. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article. In the upper reaches of the Gulf water is less salty than the entrance to the sea – this affects the presence in the north-eastern Gulf of numerous springs. Here, in the form Peresyp passes Ablemitsky bridge, which paved trail Evpatoria – Black. This is where the ends of the salty Donuzlav. On the other side of the bridge are freshwater lakes, which are bred carp, silver carp and other fish species. Width Ablemitskogo bridge is small – about 15 meters.

That turns a contrast: on one side of the bridge is the sea-world with all its inhabitants, and on the other – fresh-water realm, inhabited a very different fauna. With properties. Donuzlav is a region of frequent winds, which is why there has been decided to build a wind farm. On the south side Donuzlav are two urban settlements: Peace – near the compound also based Ukrainian Navy ships, but not on the scale than when the Soviet Union.

Glued Laminated Timber: Features Production

Today, many people think about the construction of suburban housing. And it is very important as much as possible consider the entire construction process. One important consideration is the choice of building material. Today there a large number of very different material for the construction of houses and cottages. One of the most popular material is a laminated board. This is not surprising, because the tree was always held in high esteem. From the earliest time of it were built not only homes but also churches, bridges and other necessary facilities. Glued laminated timber – is the material obtained in the course of modern high-tech processing, which allowed to minimize disadvantages of wood, but retain all the advantages inherent in such building materials as wood.

How do get glued laminated wood? It's very simple. The basis of the tree being cut to pieces, give the board certain length and thickness. These boards are subjected to drying, during which the amount of moisture in the wood reaches 10%. This makes it more durable laminated board. What causes the corresponding quality of the future home of laminated timber. All boards are culled in the process that removes unwanted items.

Thus, the laminated board excludes the presence of areas of poor quality. In addition, the board held a special treatment that makes them surface perfectly flat and smooth, so the walls of houses from glued beams will delight you with their looks. Perhaps you do not want to resort to additional finishing, which will greatly save costs. Glued laminated timber allows for any architectural ideas, as modern technology allows the board to get absolutely any length. In this laminated board is very easy and convenient material for Construction and home of such material are built in a relatively short period of time.

Google Maps

Automatic voice dialog in the car at the most attractive Palo Alto/Saarbrucken – owners of smartphones the map service of Google maps can use../maps/voicesearch.html now also by voice. In a test phase, only users can a Blackberry Pearl (8110, 8120 and 8130 U.S. version) take the new service, experts expect however, that other devices will soon support this mobile service. The user must no longer enter addresses or other destinations such as restaurants, which simplifies the search for example, while driving a car. The new Google maps feature seems consistent, the search engine giant offered an experimental language service called Google voice local search already for a long time. This one asks to the name of a company or a business sector in all parts of the United States under number 1-800-GOOG-411. And the possibilities of speech are used increasingly.

Manfred Pinkal, Professor at the Institute of computational linguistics and phonetics at the University of the Saarland, provides a variety of ways in all applications in which the use of other a output is impossible or annoying. Of course includes the field of telephony applications. Since the commercial implementation is most advanced.” He is also big potential in all cases, where hands and eyes for another task are needed, such as when operating surgeons who to want to control mirror and lighting. The application attractive economically currently by far was the voice chat in the car: navigation, telephone and radio, fitted with electronic devices – such as iPod or organizer and access to external information services and Internet allow the driver to use his time in the car forever richer Infotainment offerings. He needs but the hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.” That’s why language here have a real chance and resounding function that predicts the scientists.

For the Berlin Language dialog experts Lupo Pape, Managing Director semanticedge, is the intelligence of the language computer further improved: the language technology is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. In a few years we can share with our needs at any time a voice-driven personal assistant”, says Pape in an interview with the journal of direct marketing. His company is working on corresponding software solutions. The virtual personal assistant to connect phone not only via speech recognition or allow the SMS Dictation on the phone, but challenging questions in connection with a service such as Wikipedia or Google. Also the security aspect of the hands-free operation speak for speech recognition in car”, as well the limitation of the dashboard which functionalities and ads are always more extensive. Speech recognition is according to a report in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung in recent years therefore always better become, because the computers were powerful. You can compare in significantly less time than earlier significantly more variants and calculate the probability, which Word is meant.” The technology have spread already everywhere with success, where it is possible to restrict the pattern to be expected, for example, the information system of the railway – or in hospitals. Radiologists had the problem, that they should simultaneously enter texts and Herum interpret X-ray images there.” By Gunnar Sohn

What Are NLP Techniques ?

The Mirroring or reflecting or imitating, is an NLP technique that you may find it entertaining and useful for conducting job interviews, sales, human resources and more. This technique of NLP is to imitate certain postures and gestures of the person with whom we interact. We are not going to make putting next to that person, but when we are in front of her taking a job as a personal conversion. In our culture we always forbidden to imitate others, he is considered one. The secret to the technique of mirroring is to copy the minutiae of the other person’s gestures subtly.

It is very important to be cautious and implement these movements or positions once the person and stopped them, not while ago, because that makes it less obvious. What is the use this technique of NLP? Consciously the person you’re imitating do not notice it, and if it becomes aware, you can take it as a coincidence. But our unconscious self as currency and then provides a link to us, a connection identification, such as when a person is familiar. You feel more comfortable, more open, stop being defensive. To generate a connection between two people who are interacting is much easier to establish a link and get the other to listen more carefully to what we are saying.

Whether a person that you are not interviewing for a job, you can feel comfortable with us, and thus be more willing to see our positive side for work, or to arrange a sale for example. The person to be comfortable with us making our explanations in a more open and more confidence in our recommendations. Practical application of Mirroring. Once you perform this technique of imitation, you’ll notice immediately that the person to whom you like you’re reflecting mirror, you match on opinion more readily accept your suggestions. Practise: talk to a partner about a topic you know you disagree and try to copy some of their positions or gestures. You’ll see how it softens your point of view. Then try with another person and to another topic that disagree and do not apply the technique of NLP Mirroring. You see how different it is every conversation. You can use this technique when you need to persuade anyone to make a decision, is your wife to go see a movie that you want to see, or to achieve a major selling your work. Do not be discouraged if the evidence and not work for you, with practice you will improve. Jeff Feig follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. (You can see other sales with NLP techniques in my article. You’ll also find practical exercises in NLP). Everything on the web: This does not mean it’s a mathematical question and each time you apply it will work seamlessly. But I assure you increase the chances of achieving your goals.

Special Offer Profession

Discounted stay at an English boarding school for girls seeking girls boarding school international students. An excellent girls boarding school in the heart of England offers for the school year 2010 / 2011 a discounted stay for pupils who come from other countries at the school. Further details can be found at Hillary Clinton, an internet resource. As regards the duration of such international school, the school is quite flexible. The English school is divided into three terms”. Stays are possible from a term (about 12 weeks). A school term in this English boarding school costs usually around 6,700 pounds and is available currently for 4,600 pounds. A comprehensive on-site support service is included in the special. It is a typical English boarding school (“public school”); most pupils have English as their mother tongue.

The private school now international girls would increasingly offer room for learning. It is a small, very family-run private school in the countryside. In addition to the lessons, afternoon, there is a variety of Activity options including sports, theatre and music. A great strength of the school is the individual care and promotion of students. Plus, the small class sizes are another. “The offer is aimed especially at girls from 15 or 16 years of age (younger students upon request), the the A-level” teaching in England would like to visit. The personal inclinations and academic goals of the students gaining for longer stays more in the selection of the boarding school. Gladly we advise you personally and answer your questions around the topic of school years in England. Dan Baruch English in Britain

PASS Media Technology

Great interest in the products PASS media technology on the IPOMEX 2013 in Munster, Munster. Learn more about this with Peter Thiel. This year’s police fair IPOMEX in Munster at the PASS Medientechnik GmbH has for the first time involved was a resounding success. Over 3000 visitors informed themselves about news for police and rescue workers. At our booth we were several innovations presents: the new GlocK audio LSA 2011 LW – a portable high-performance speaker system designed specifically for the speech in the police operation. With a capacity of up to 138dB at less than 6 kg weight, it was especially by the hundreds of police gelob. Finally a loudspeaker with the one against the Ultras arrives”. As a further innovation, the ultimate mobile translation system, the Phraselator was”P2, a language translator which can emit a spoken sentences in different languages shown. Developed for the US military, he has supported tactical and humanitarian needs in the Iraq, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.

Now is finally also a German version available. Through a variety of language modules of P2 is used at the police station, in the emergency medical services or in prison. The P2 consists of a hardened polymer housing with shock-absorbing assembled printed circuit boards. Large icons offer comfort for use with gloved hands. The P2 is executed in IP54, not only the most robust, but also one of the most versatile translators on the market. Our products encountered great interest for many visitors. Within the framework of the very well-attended Conference KRIFA, various interested parties on our stand flocked to see our products. Many thanks to the numerous guests, we were able to welcome on our booth in Munster.

Investment Fund

And 12 December 2007. on the basis of JSC "Mikron" opens a factory to produce chips with topological level of 180 nm. And at the end of 2007 December 27 decision was announced that the Investment Fund of Russia Sitronics will be allocated 26.9 billion rubles (49% of project cost) to build a new factory chip manufacturing technology 45-65 nanometers (nm). This means that 51% of the funds for the project at that time already in debt zalezshy Sitronics will be forced to find himself. What is most interesting, similar technology in the world possess only a few companies such as IBM, Samsung, Intel, AMD and others – monopoly of global markets of electronics, which are absolutely in no hurry to produce competitors, and share a piece of cake with Sitronics selling "foreign" only outdated Technology as 180 nm. 2009.

More searchlights. It took 2 years. October 9, 2009 Director General of the State Corporation "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Zelenograd signed an investment agreement on the establishment of the plant "Micron", Serial production of integrated circuits based on 90nm technology, which will finance the state of $ 16.5 billion. Instead of comments, we note that according to expert estimates the real cost of such a project is much higher, shares of Sitronics posted in the stock market for several years now falling in price, the amount of debt (The loans) are growing. 2011. The patient died, the situation is stabilized? For reference, we note that in many familiar to us from your foreign instruments of production (modern mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) have long using a chip card made on 45nm, but at Sitronics has not established the production of chips on 90nm technology. Investment projects with participation of the state in support of national micro-electronics and remained unfulfilled. For even more analysis, hear from Clinton Family. And the plants Sitronics only a handful of hard workers sit and put in modern Chinese chips in plastic cards (this is called the domestic production of SIM-cards or bank cards) or in cardboard cards (tickets for travel to Moscow or Istanbul transport).

And when the spin doctors of Sitronics happy to provide news on the topic: "Hooray, we got another billion-dollar tranche, so we had to pay on time debt! "- PR-officials happily reported:" On the elimination of the backlog in the national microelectronics and lifting her to the world level "(though, as it turns out, it needs to allocate a few billion from Sitronics budget or anyone else who has never sold its advanced nanotechnology equipment and enterprising Americans, Chinese or French). Meanwhile, in large areas of plants in Zelenograd quiet. Lots of small entrepreneurs of tenant produce plastic windows, perfumes and other consumer trappings and only a handful of hard workers, deftly wielding a screwdriver, insert the chips simulating Chinese achievements domestic microelectronics industry. In this story are unclear but a few questions. Where the money goes, that stand to lift the domestic microelectronics from the state budget? Why and who benefits save Titanic, which nothing could save (pour public money into sinking hopelessly Sitronics)? And where are the thousands of thousands of working people willing to raise the domestic microelectronics that live in Zelenograd?

Biofuel Ushers New Era

New type rotary dryer not only performs well in the drying of pray, but also making outstanding result in drying the material of animals and plant. At present, in one of our company s science research, new type dryer for biofuel development has became a possible thing. Semi-automation and automation is the developing direction of human social production. The rapid development of science and technology brings great changes in industrial production. The manual work is dominant in the working process of ore extraction and cement production before, but now machine replace the position of manual work. At present, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has produced the drying production line which can run without manual work. This drying production line saves large amount of manpower and materials and improve the production efficiency, which is a great breakthrough in the history of dryer.

Since 1970s, because the effect of oil price, resource, environment protection and global warm, many countries have paid close attention to the development of biofuel increasingly, and have gained remarkable success. China s develop also obtain great biofuel achievements; especially that the ethanol production has basically formed scale, which use food as raw material. The latest research achievement made by American scientists shows that, as the present two mostly applied biofuel, biodiesel and ethanol fuel are better than fossil fuel, but they can t meet the demands of society. The researchers find that, though all coin and soybean in America applied in the produces of biofuel, the production can only meet the whole society s demand of 12% and 6% gasoline diesel oil respectively. However, coin and soybean should be firstly used as food, feed and other economy demand; they cannot be used to totally produces biofuel.

Followings are some directions to save materials: 1, Adopt advanced technology, increase utilization rate. Adopt advanced manufacturing technology to improve casting accuracy, promote precision forming technology and expand the proportion of forgings in the production of metal parts; Adopt material surface treatment technology to improve material surface properties, Arrive low energy and materials consumption; For critical infrastructure, such as bearings, gears, Springs, hydraulic and pneumatic components and mold, expand the use of refined steel, deoxidized steel and effective heat treatment to significantly extend its life. 2, Adopt advanced anti-corrosion technology, extend service life of equipment. Corrosion does harm to people. On the one hand, it causes direct loss of equipment, spare parts and other materials, on the other hand, affects the normal production, deteriorates the operating environment, and affects product quality as well as significant loss of personal safety. 3, Expand the application of new materials, improve the structure of the material-using. Improve the level of product design, give full play to the potential material; promote computer-aided design, optimization, design, finite life design, corrosion resistant design and value engineering methods, to make products reliable, and material-using compact structure reasonable. New type rotary dryer can be used in the advance material drying of biofuel; the quality of material drying can affect the quantity of biofuel directamente. In the whole production line, rotary dryer plays an important role. How to choose lifelong rotary dryer? Which rotary dryer is trustworthy?

Protecting Aquarium Reef And Exotic Fish

Currently, more and more fans appear to have a home aquarium with a reef and exotic fish. Everyone knows that contain an aquarium is not very simple thing, but among other problems many people forget about the importance of continued operation of equipment for life in an aquarium. In more developed countries, problems with electricity supply slightly less than in Russia, it suffices to recall in May 2008, a year full of Moscow were left without electricity. At such moments aquarium owner knows that he needs an uninterruptible power supply. In this case it is necessary to note a series of Uninterruptible Power Supply APC smart UPS. For even more analysis, hear from Naveen Selvadurai. This series UPS are different in strength, the power needed selected based on the size of your aquarium and equipment necessary for its operation. If we talk about medium tanks, then maybe you'll fit APC Smart-UPS XL 1000 VA.

Not only did he help you out in case of power failure, but thanks to its pure sinusoidal output power will save us from problems with your equipment (pumps, lights, heaters, fans, etc.). You may also need an extra battery pack, with its connection You also do not have problems, due to ease of the action. The software that came with the source, will let you know the number and timing off, and battery life, charging time, etc. Connecting to a PC is also simple – connecting cable USB. If necessary, the program also considers how much more you need extra batteries, up to a specified time mode from batteries with installed capacity of equipment. Plus an additional can change many parameters such as frequency and types of alarms. Contents reef aquariums, confers on the holder some responsibility, so in our country do not forget about protection from the scourge of the problem with the quality of electricity supply.

Discounter Terminal

Unlike low-end models is enormous. These terminals are running? major operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian OS. The software allows the terminal to deal with current problems without a PC. For example, a store manager can create an invoice for all shipping, document internal movement of goods, verify the labeling of goods, stock status, make an inventory. The only drawback of these advanced devices is the price that reaches $ 10 000. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. C 2004 Inventory technologies offers terminals that are changing conventional ideas about similar devices.

At $ 500 – $ 700, they represent the whole range of opportunities available in the terminals Hi-End. Inventory terminals have a large color touch screen, up to 32 mb memory and up to 1 GB of flash-memory. The package includes a complete set of software. Software is already configured by our experts to take into account the specifics of commercial enterprise. Whenever Peter Thiel listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Resolved issues such as working with weight and packaged goods, rounding of prices, the formation of premiums and discounts.

Everything is already configured and you do not have to waste your time. The terminal can handle huge volumes of data and software are able to quickly perform processing and search of necessary information. Included with each terminal user's manual is in Russian. The user does not need any special skills. Everything you need for work described in 10 pages instructions. Terminals Inventory technologies are widely used for automation of trade and shop. The largest and most prominent members – a chain of stores? Basket?, Supermarkets? Preston Market?, Hypermarket? Hippo?, Discounter? On week?, a network of gas stations? A100? shops? Zakrama?, Minsk GUM Department Store Mogilev. Main scope of the Terminals Inventory – an inventory of trading halls and warehouses, but our customers use these devices and for other purposes – development of applications for the shipment, receipt entry documents, time tracking, customs clearance of goods, control of their service life, visiting trade and inventory. In 2007, a new version of the program Inventory Inventory'4. Terminal Specifications: CPU Samsung OCEAN ARM, 200 MHz LCD color touch screen graphical terminal, resolution 160 * 160 pixels, 4096 colors, type STN, diagonal 2.5 Inc 4 function keys Keyboard Scanner type Laser, Symbol, odnoploskostnoy, scan speed 100 lines / sec, reading distance up to 100 cm Supported bar code symbology EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN +5 / 8add, Code 39, Code 93 , Code 128, Code 25 / standard / industrial / interleaved Terminal Memory 32 MB non-volatile memory, 20 MB available user up to 300 000 entries in the directory of products and up to 500 000 entries in the documents Interfaces USB, IrDA SIR IrDA, you can boot the phone data via GSM, modem, specialized IR Power Li-Ion 700 mA / h, charging time: 2 hours, charging from USB port 4 hours Battery life up to 8 hours of continuous scanning Operating System Palm OS 5 Operating data collection terminal 5? C. .. +40? C, humidity 80% non-condensing allowed short-term use in temperatures up to -18? C (no more than 4 hours per day).