Venezuelan Government

With the theme I’m going to try then I risk projecting a false image of my person. Say this because in today’s societies, dominated by hedonism (pursuit of pleasure as a supreme goal), there is a tendency to make stereotypes with ease. For example, generally, when I put one of my thoughts, I am listed Communist, which demonstrates that having a critical system of current life vision makes people look for the best known model to represent that vision. When this happens, to not complicate things, I prefer to keep me quiet, because if I try to explain to them that I am not and that there are other stereotypes that define me better, would have to begin long explanations (due to the unpopular who are these stereotypes): secular, skeptical scientific, freethinking, libertarian humanist, bright, etc., etc. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I wish to refer to the subject of Venezuela. Many times, I’ve heard talk about horrors in that country, especially the limitations of individual freedom that supposedly It imposes or which seeks to impose the Government.

I don’t want to delve into that topic, since it gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand, apparently, the country is moving away from the neoliberal system (of which I am so critical), but that is to be achieved from top to bottom and a libertarian believes that the changes are below upwards. However, what really worries me, are the priorities that people in my country about problems that affect societies have. According to the experience that I have, almost all of my compatriots are terrible these restrictions that supposedly tries to impose the Venezuelan Government, but they found no terrible facts that happen under their own noses and that, from my point of view, many times, they are worse. To demonstrate that this is so, I would like to refer to some examples. -Freedom that have certain foreign companies to come to settle in the country and extract non-renewable resources and everything that it implies: environmental damage, internal conflicts, the creation of new needs, etc. The most important case of the last years, is the arrival of the mining company Barrick Gold and his Pascua-Lama project. -The progressive provision to the technology used in the identification of persons.

This, in order to, supposedly, give greater security to the citizens, however, thereby infringe clearly individual freedom. The most recent case is the implementation that did the Facerec University of Chile, a software that detects and identifies persons at a distance through the recognition of faces. -Total freedom and impunity that politicians have to violate laws. A fresh case, and that it may be seen by anyone, it is electoral propaganda that there is in streets, while even the legal period does not begin to do so. According to me, these examples do not generate the debate that should be; only the Communists always claim. And if you want to criticize what is happening in other countries, finally, consider it much more important to talk about the countries that used the force to liberate others (already know that country I mean). Finally, not I can not mention, that order in the social priorities that a person possesses in this world as hedonistic, will be the least complicate the existence. Therefore, to acquire what he thinks most and, generally speaking, most think what is said in the media.

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It Is High Definition

Introduction to the concept of all resolution are familiar with digital photography. We bought 5 and 10 megapixel cameras, and note with satisfaction that more pixels, larger can make the photo, extending it up to size poster. The same happens with the audiovisual world. For more than 50 years, the world audiovisual legislation has established that the video has a 0.4 megapixel resolution. And just as was the case with the older cameras, the size of the image could not be very large. This was valid for old TVs tube, usually small, that have populated our homes in recent decades. But modern technology has led to the emergence of new and modern LCDs and plasma TVs with a size never seen before.

Thus, huge screens 37-inch, 42-inch and up to 47 inches are common in the electronics stores. But the video, with its modest 0.4 megapixels of resolution, not hold well be displayed on big TVs, as well as a photograph of 1 megapixel not endure well too big enlargement. And here is where comes in the idea of change video system, modernise it and adapt it to the new TVs and dissemination systems. What is high definition? High definition is the modernization of the international system of video. Basically, going to have a resolution or quality of 0.4 megapixels, 2 megapixels. Perhaps it may not seem too increase, bearing in mind that photos cameras arrive at much higher resolutions, but must be taken into account that the video moves 25 images per second.

Thus, the size of a video image goes from approximately 800 600 pixels (the current system) to 2,000 x1.000 pixels. It is the famous Full HD; 1,000 lines of resolution. It should be noted that it has also defined an intermediate system, with a resolution of 1 megapixel. (1400 x 800 pixels, aprox.) Also, new resolutions and higher, up to 4 megapixel image sizes, is already studying although it is unlikely to see the light in the domestic market, since it is necessary to have suitable equipment to enjoy high definition.

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Organization Staff

Consider also, exposed by Katz and Khan (1970), when they indicate entire organization creates its own culture or climate, with its own taboos, customs and lifestyles. The climate or culture of the system reflects both the norms and values of the formal system as its reinterpretation in the informal system () as well as reflects internal and external pressures of the types of people that the Organization attracts, its work processes and physical distribution, the modalities of communication, the exercise of authority within the system. You must be attentive once it begins, the bear in mind its functions, such as Darwin Ebert Aguilar says: Management, flexibility, evaluate and modify the direction of the company. Use of communication technologies, this in view of globalization. Make noticeable that the most important are the human resources. Competitiveness and innovation. Permanent training, prosperity, and quality of results. Discipline, horizontality, participation, mutual respect, responsibility, honesty.

Form: leaders, change agents and staff of respite care. Communicate a sense of identity to the members of the organization. Support the commitment to something greater than the self same. Strengthen the stability of the social system. Facilitate premises recognized and accepted for decision making The cultural artifacts, motivate staff and they facilitate the cohesion of the Group and the commitment to relevant goals. Add: Commit to efficiently play its social responsibility with humanization in job satisfaction to the needs demanded by consumers finally not be must be neglected as it implies recalls Ebert and Yvan Allaire and Mihaela E. Firsirotu, indicated by (1992) the three main factors: the values and characteristics of the surrounding society.The past of the Organization and guidance that former leaders have given him.

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Under the principle of Harmony brings profits and narrow profit leadsto success, Hongxing group tries to become a big company, big school, and a big family. Making harmonious development of employees, customers, company, community and society is the lifelong mission of Hongxing group. As an Chinese saying goes, unity is power. Hongxing people all work hard and strive for innovation so as to bring about greater success of Hongxing company. The leading products of our company include: ball mill, raymond mill, sand-maker, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, vertical compound crusher, rotary kiln, drier, vibrating screen, sand washer, magnetic separator, SF flotation machine, roll crusher, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, spiral classifier, impact crusher, disk granulator, end screen, mixer, table Concentrator, centrifugal lift ore separator, high-efficiency Concentrator, disc feeder, feeder and hydraulic cyclone type pendulum. Moreover, we can provide program design, process flow design, standard and non-standard design for clients.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing. It is located at the High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, China with an area of 50 thousand m2 which includes 15,000 m2 of standard heavy duty industry workshop. Equipments are more than 160 pieces, including large and medium sized metal processing, riveting and installing equipments. There are more than 660 workers including 80 administrators with secondary and senior occupational titles and engineering technicians. Henan Hongxing to prominent mining machinery manufacturer in China, such as rotary secarropas, we provide you with quality mineral processing plant and machinery at an excellent price.

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The Advantages Of The Led Lighting

Illumination led, translated to Spanish as a light emitting diode, is a device that emits light colour, i.e. in different waves of amplitude, this happens when it is crossed by the electric current. The fundamental part of the led is a semiconductor, which gives further color to the light emitted. There are electrodes that produce the light beam moving, within the semiconductor. This type of lighting began to use beginning in 1960 at the industry level, although the first led is invented in 1927. In our days we can see the led lights in many urban everyday applications, such as informational panels, liquid crystal displays lighting, cellphones and flashlights, among others.Led lights have some advantages compared with traditional incandescent lamps.

Among them: that they have equal light output than traditional lamps but they do so with one lower consumption of energy. are suitable to decorate the variety of colors that offers both for exteriors as interiors. Its qualities of versatility, durability and fundamentally lower power consumption make it the favorite of decorators. The long service life: some manufacturers estimate a duration of more than 30000 hours of useful life, almost three years. Does not give off heat to be lit unlike lamps incandescent. mercury is not needed to produce it, so this is healthy for the environment care led lighting can be rotating, sequential, or fixed, as opposed to the traditional ones, which are of a single type is useful in difficult to access facilities. has great resistance to shocks.

All the advantages listed above lead to think that the sale of led lightings will increase in the coming years, because manufacturers are interested in producing lower consumption and greater ability to light led lights. All this It is powered by the future energy crisis already Governments are anticipating. He is the development of this technology that helps save resources in the long term and requires no pollutants for its manufacture some future applications would be for traffic lights, displays or posters. It is not yet common, but is now a reality and is one of the most interesting applications of lighting LED in public spaces. It is used in street lighting, in this case the location of LEDs powered by solar panels allow autonomous systems for off and on but with the advantage of zero consumption.

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Sons Documents

vLex fima an agreement with grupo Gale Cengage to include more than 5 million documents in its database the agreement signed recently between the editorial vLex and the American publishing group Gale will vLex incorporate in its database more than 5 million documents of legal and business issues. This new incorporation of specialized encyclopedias and magazines will provide all customers of vLex a large number of documents covering different areas of interest are law, technology or company and business, at the same time, vLex will provide the added values that have always characterized him, such as the interrelation with the rest of the base contentthe powerful advanced search search engines or the multilingual platform. According to Luis Faus, CEO of vLex, this agreement means for our company which is very important, and is one of the biggest groups in the sector of information both online and printed has deposited us confidence for the dissemination of their documents from our multilingual platform to all our users. vLex and Gale Cengage have found the perfect way to empathize, since while for Gale the main objective is to provide digital solutions that efficiently to develop learning skills, vLex will distribute and disseminate documents among its thousands of users around the world. About the Gale Group Gale, part of Cengage Learning, is a world leader in providing references to libraries, schools and businesses. It has a database consisting of publications and newspaper articles full text, with material printed, electronic and microform. Also has more than 22 recognized publishers such as: Macmillan Reference USA, Charles Scribner s Sons, Primary Source Microfilm and Scholarly Resources Inc.

about vLex vLex (www. vlex. com) is the most advanced provider of legal information overall, giving access to contents of 128 countries in 13 different languages. It maintains agreements with global publishers, such as the Publications Office of the World Bank, the European Union, the Commonwealth Secretariat, as well as more than 408 independent worldwide publishing groups. vLex has clients in more than 40 countries that daily access more than 32 million available in its advanced platform online legal documents. VLex employs more than 150 people of 30 different nationalities.

VLex headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain). For more information: Jose Daniel Soto Soto;dsoto@vlex. com vLex Networks, S. l. Calle Consell de Cent. 334C. p. 08009 (Barcelona) Espanatel.

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Michigan is one of the U.S. states. It is located in the Great Lakes Region, and thus its name; Michigan is an alteration of the Ojibwe word mishigama, which means large water or large lake.
Michigan is one of the ten most populous states in the United States of America. It has the longest freshwater coastline of all the political subdivisions on the planet, as it bordered by four of the five Great Lakes as well as Lake Saint Clair. Michigan follows close behind California and Florida in the number of registered recreational boats in the state. In addition to its vast coastline, Michigan has 64,980 lakes and ponds that are located inland. The furthest distance a person can be from a natural water source while standing in the state is six miles.
Michigan is the only state that consists of two completely separate peninsulas. The Lower Peninsula is known to be mitten-shaped, and the Upper Peninsula is commonly referred to as The U.P. The U.P. is economically significant for both tourism and natural resources.

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