Garcia Television

In Colombia, decades ago, the television writers scarcely counted on the fingers, five kings were rulers who did not need disputarse figuration among them, since there was room for all and even fell short to meet need stories to tell, that therefore it should import and adapt. With the growth and identity that acquired the Colombian melodrama in the international arena, it became imperative to professionalize the office of a television scriptwriter, make room for new talent, which in the hands of the consecrated and were polished and rough diamonds and formed the first generation of librettists formal, sort of exclusive super-elite, which now commands all the creative part of our television and whose members refuse to accept for now the expansion or opening a new generation, a situation that sooner or later take her to obvious wear, forcing its members to redeem their egos and adopt a less selfish and become teachers guides for new generations of writers. Caracol TV in the nineties was the first workshop of scripts for a week at a cost of one million pesos, a high figure for the time and obviously not all candidates could afford to take it, a fact that indirectly leave out a great potential talent. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. From that litter came today who still make up the creative workshops of Mr. Dago Garcia. In 1998, the former programmer PUNCH launched a popular call-called "YOU ARE NOT wrinkle" that tended to attract talents in writing, producing and ideas with economic incentives and the production of their work; From that emerged the winner call the director Felipe Aljure. For even more details, read what Michelle Smith Source Financial says on the issue.

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Elten Safety Shoes

Use boots for fire and rescue services to buyers of GenXtreme always on the cutting edge of OSH world to bring, you can find below some news or details of the German manufacturer Elten safety shoes. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel. Here you will find information about new soles, improved usage boots for fire fighting and rescue services and a novelty for the steel industry. High-tech soles against dangerous slip – the innovative sole concept of ELTEN safety shoes SAFETY GRIP enters the next round: fresh modernized, has her first appearance here in addition to a three-millimeter level also a new six millimeter insole with Cap. The concept of SAFETY GRIP sole offers scientifically researched slip resistance. There are the durable soles as pure polyurethane version or with a combination of rubber and polyurethane (polyurethane), which protects against burns or burns due to aggressive substances. In addition, SAFETY are particularly firm GRIP soles.

The improved sole concept among other things in the new Elten is used Safety shoe S3 model JORIS, which is ideally suited due to its hardiness for use in wind and weather. Sporty and safe take off – the extremely sporty safety shoe series ELTEN Trainer combines safety with comfort and fashionable design. The new shoe models of Elten safety shoes are also non-slip and metal-free, provide sure footing and heel stability. Her soles are oil and fuel resistant, abrasion resistant and withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius. The new concept is processed in the Elten SANDER and SENEX ESD S3 models.

The new safety footwear characterised with plastic toe cap and textile upper materials special lightness. Completely leather-free processes, they can safely be worn by people suffering from allergies, reacting to leather tanning agents. ESD capability and textile protection round off the facilities. Safe, convenient, and refractory Elten safety shoes presents the new high-tech boots for firefighters. The name Elten fire-proof”is the new Fire fighting boots of Elten safety shoes program: refractory uppers and soles, flame-resistant seams and laces are standard in the new development and comply with State of the art technology.

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Intercontinental Kyiv Support Fund

The third consecutive year the hotel InterContinental Kyiv chooses Relief Fund and the Development of Children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) as a partner charity. In 2011, the hotel together with the Foundation implements charitable campaign "Calculation of the benefit children, providing an opportunity for all guests InterContinental Kyiv to support philanthropic initiatives in Ukraine. To join the campaign, guests must agree to the inclusion of an additional 12 hryvnia to the general account for rates. Economist may not feel the same. All proceeds will be used for medical programs FPRDCH. FPRDCH – an international charity which works to save the lives of children throughout Ukraine through the implementation of essential medical programs. "At InterContinental we know how important it is to care about people in need of help, especially when it comes to the youngest citizens. Among the many charitable organizations working in Ukraine, We have chosen a reliable partner for cooperation in 2011 will concentrate its efforts on supporting the Foundation's programs. Thus, we are able to support not only local communities but to join an important matter by people across the Ukraine ", – said Carsten Raer, General Manager of Hotel InterContinental Kyiv.

Director FPRDCH in Ukraine Alex Milyanich commented continued cooperation: "The work FPRDCH in Ukraine is possible thanks to the support of such companies such as InterContinental Kyiv. In 2010, for example, professional management and dedication of staff are key to the success of the celebration of 20 anniversary of the Fund, during which we collected 171 thousand dollars U.S. medical equipment that helps save babies in our partner hospital in Kiev. A new joint initiative with the InterContinental Kyiv will allow us to continue to embody the Foundation's program in Ukraine. " FOUNDATION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, founded in 1990 after the Chernobyl disaster, aid funds, and development of children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) is a humanitarian organization that works to save the lives of children in Ukraine. The main objective of the Fund is to improve the quality of care for children and pregnant women by medical programs in the fields of perinatology, neonatology, pediatric oncology and pediatric surgery. FPRDCH also working on constant improvement of life for orphans with physical and mental defects. To this end, programs are being implemented physical therapy and nutrition, as well as educational programs.

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Taiyang Meridian

Routes, connections and distribution of the twelve main meridians.The binding connection between the twelve meridians principalesLos three hand Yin meridians are based on chest and run until the end of the fingers where found with three hand Yang meridians.The three hand Yang meridians depart from the tip of fingers and ascend to the head where are with three foot Yang meridians.Three foot Yang meridians come out from head and lowered to toes of the foot where the three foot Yin meridians feet are.The three foot Yin meridians depart from the toes and climb either up to the abdomen or the chest where join with three hand Yin meridians, thus forming a closed Yin-Yang circle.We already saw that the three hand Yang meridians just on the head, from where depart three foot Yang meridians.This reflects the old saying that the head is the union of all the Yang meridians. Routes and distribution of the twelve meridians regularesLos three Yin meridians are distributed along the medial of each of the limbs, face while the three Yang meridians run along side faces.Taiyin and Yangming meridians stretches along the front half of the extremities and Shaoyin and Taiyang meridians go along the rear half, Shaoyang and Jueyin meridians are deployed in the environment.

At the level of the head, Yangming meridians are distributed on the face and forehead, Taiyang Meridian on the cheeks and on the top and rear, and Shaoyang meridians on the sides.At the level of the trunk, three hand Yang meridians pass by the shoulders and the region scapular distributed between the three foot Yang meridians. Adroll Marketing Platform understands that this is vital information. In turn, the latter are deployed follows: the foot Yangming crosses the front (chest and abdomen), the Taiyang in the back, and the Shaoyang by lateral side. Three hand Yin meridians are based all of the armpits, and the three foot Yin meridians pass or by abdominal or thoracic region, where the meridians are deployed longitudinally from the zone average to the side in the following order: foot-Shaoyin, foot Yangming, foot Taiyin, and foot-Jueyin.. Under most conditions Michelle Smith Source Financial would agree.

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Business Tax

One of the main issues of concern to business – existing or potential, is paying taxes. Often, this question stops entrepreneurial initiative: people hear a lot of complaints familiar business the severity of the tax burden – say, all profits taxes eat constantly have to hide the income, but because the constant fear of a tax audit. Further details can be found at PropertyNest, an internet resource. To solve this problem for start-ups or just not very large companies have a so-called the simplified or simplified tax system. Adroll is actively involved in the matter. Many of these words are heard, but as something casual, not paying attention. Add to your understanding with Peter Thiel. What is the difference between the simplified from the standard taxation? As a general rule, the three main taxes paid by each business entity, it is – a tax on profits – 24%, single social tax – 26%, vat – 18%. The profit is really not so much. If significant turnover in the firm, then at some serious profit count is still possible. And if a small business? No interest in starting a business, no one there – not worth powder and shot.

That's come up with legislators a simplified system that would give significant concessions to small businesses. Applying such a system, the firm instead of the above three taxes (and property tax) pays a single tax. The rate of this tax – a total of 15% or 6%. As they say, feel the difference. In the first case, the organization pays 15% of the difference between revenues and expenditures. Under the income here means the gross, the total revenue the firm, and by costs – all costs associated with entrepreneurial activities.

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Comes to the fact that some producers and directors, disappointed he spit on the multi-ton pile of scanned script sit down and write a script on their own, which ultimately stifles the domestic cinema. And even money movie studios just do not add. Why? Because it is impossible to create a masterpiece, not being professional. "But where are they? Where professional writers? "- ask the producers -" They also can be counted on the fingers. " I happen to agree. For more clarity and thought, follow up with PropertyNest and gain more knowledge..

Great disadvantage of the Russian market the movie is about two things. We begin with the almost complete absence of scenario agencies. It is one thing – create high-quality script, and quite another – move it to market and sell. You may want to visit Michelle Smith Divorce to increase your knowledge. And if the script has to write a professional writer, then sell the scripts have a professional agent. Otherwise, screenwriter, Instead of creating these masterpieces will be engaged and promotion, and sale, and review of contracts and a host of other cases which should deal with an agent. The effectiveness of a writer in this case is reduced several times, because it becomes difficult to focus on what he is really a master.

And the second minus our film market – it is literally polluted by amateurs-writers who, not understanding the technology of how need to write scripts, create, to put it mildly soporific for editors and producers. Eyes stick together on the front pages and into the trash flies another pack of paper impregnated with boring text. We get a large-scale, but almost invisible from the outside, the battle of professionals and amateurs.

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Carmen Goglin: Human Resources Departments Year Loaded Up To The Limits

Mobile staff Office supports uncomplicated Reutlingen, December 14, 2009. New year means an increased workload and stress for almost all HR departments. This applies in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the everyday work holidays must in addition new Lohnsteuerkarten entered, are calculated and sent annual reports to the social security and income tax certificates. Much is also relevant for the accounting year ended.

External service provider or a mobile personnel office can help here. “That is the same every year,” Carmen Goglin know from their own experience to report staff expert from Reutlingen. “The work grows the recruiters often only with a few people over the head.” The problem is that many things are to do at the same time and with tight deadlines just at the turn of the year and many personnel changes, new hires and layoffs fell in this period. By short-time working and the crisis-related downsizing, but the problem will particularly intense occur this year, predicts Goglin. “Here it comes then often bottlenecks that need a quick help”, she describes her daily observations. Often she will call when it burns. Goglin operates even a mobile personnel office and knows so the everyday problems and the legal and organisational difficulties of the company. Extensive know-how and communicative and administrative flair were in demand.

It has a broad customer base from all industries and of different sizes. Their more than fifteen years of experience and their additional qualification as business mediator guarantee not only optimal support, but especially practical expertise in personnel management. “This is a matter of trust”, emphasizes the Reutlingerin. But it is also independent of seasons with their mobile personnel office on the road. As a short-term vacation or illness representation or but in the long term, to replace an own, often expensive human resources department in a company. It was also a question of cost, says the staff expert. There is more information about Carmen Goglin and your mobile personnel office under and. Background: Carmen Goglin, staff expert, lecturer and business mediator with more than twenty years experience in major companies. She is the founder and owner of the consultancy GOGLIN – specialist competence & service based in Reutlingen and advises and supports clients, solution-oriented, individually and with highest quality standards. She brings their communication skills, their teamwork and their expertise as a partner of the German business association and ULTIMO entrepreneurs together. Carmen Goglin is personnel expert, lecturer and business mediator with more than twenty years experience in major companies. She is the founder and owner of the consultancy GOGLIN – specialist competence & service based in Reutlingen and advises and supports clients, solution-oriented, individually and with highest Quality standards. She brings their communication skills, their teamwork and their expertise as a partner of the German business association and ULTIMO entrepreneurs together. GOGLIN – specialist competence & service is a classic consultancy, but with clear service-mindedness. All counselling concepts are implemented in practice, accompanied and checked for their effectiveness. The competencies of the company lie in the holistic human resources, establishment support, strategy development and marketing. Advice and service implementation in the dialogue with the clients quickly lead to measurable success on the market and ensure the highest quality and actionable success concepts. For more information see. Contact: Goglin – expertise & service Carmen Goglin In the Ivy 65/145 72766 Reutlingen + 49 7121 144504 + 49 7121 4348324 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen + 49 171 2023223

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National Institute

‘ ‘ Cominvejveis 69.4% of its unbroken primitive forests, Brazil is a verdadeiroreino of florestas’ ‘. 25 Thus, with a rich biodiversity, paisagensnaturais beyond the imaginary one and with a population that a vast enredocultural possesss, Brazil all establishes a set of conditions that, quandoassistidas in the target of the interaction between the society human being and nature, dopas makes a singular and privileged object for the ambient historian. Umverdadeiro document the open sky.On the optics of> valuation of the ricapotencialidade of the natural resources of Brazil, Drummond designates: ' ' Brazil is, evidently, one of the main potential sources of rude genetic materials and podertambm if to convert into a center of research and technology for the suatransformao and aplicao' '. By the same author: Peter Thiel. 26 However you alert, them for an atrocious reality, of devastao, are for all the part: more than 90% of the units of conservation of the Amazniasofreram multiple forest fires in last the seven years, second research of AlbertoSetzer, the National Institute of Space research (Inpe). ' ' Sets of ten deunidades of conservation are catching fire every day, and almost nadaacontece' '.

27 the forest fires and deforestations places Brazil enters the emitting cincomaiores of carbonic gas of the planet, in accordance with the Index deDesenvolvimento Sustentvel (IDS) of 2008, divulged for the IBGE. Only asqueimadas they correspond 75% of all Co2 launched in the Brazilian atmosphere. 28 In five years increased the incidence of pollution of the water in the cities, de38.1% in 2002 for 41,7% in 2008; pollution of the air of 22,0% in 2002 for 22,2%em 2008; assoreamento of the bodies d' water of 52,9% in 2002 for 53,0% in 2008 e, degradation of the legally protected areas of 20,2% in 2002 for 21,6% in 2008. 29 problematic ambient the Brazilian affects, diretae indirectly, the quality of life of its population and, at the same time, compeuma mixture of situations with enormous potential for the critical understanding dasociedade.

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Successful Crowdfunding

“‘Show Racism the Red Card – Germany’ turns for the first time an own documentary: Soccer professionals support the project the education initiative show racism the red card – Germany” has managed to more than 4000 successful the Crowdfunding startnext to generate platform. The Crowdfunding was exhausting, has made but also fun, because we were able to reach a large audience and are totally surprised at once strangers to support us!”producer and Club Chairman Andreas hell rod is enthusiastic. “In August 2013 started the education initiative show racism the red card Germany” with the shooting of a documentary film. Active and former football professionals are in the focus. Including Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munchen), Roberto Hilbert (Bayer Leverkusen), Anthony Ujah (1st FC Cologne), Gerald Asamoah (Schalke 04), Andreas Beck (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) and world and European champion Anja Mittag (LdB FC Malmo) were visited and interviewed for the film. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Source Financial.

Also were the former pros Hans Sarpei, the DFB integration officer Jimmy Hartwig and Otto Addo (U-19 coach at Hamburger SV) in front of the camera. The amateur football team of the street boys from Munich is part of the film, which will in the future accompany the education initiative in their work with children and young people and support. Instead of hooligans, violence or Nazis in the ubiquitous, personal stories from football will play a central role in the documentary. The personal statements and stories of known models complement in the stories of the three protagonists Otto Addo, Anja lunch and Alex from the street boys. Since 2010 hosted show racism the red card Germany e.V.”in cooperation with football clubs and schools nationwide workshops.

The education initiative sensitized children and young people to the issue of racism and discrimination and worked out with them for everyday actions. “So far, a translated version of the documentary was by show racism the red card” Integral of workshop work from England. Now, the education initiative goes new ways with an own movie. The Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation, the Central Council – and the documentation and cultural centre of German Sinti and Roma, the DFB-Kulturstiftung Theo Zwanziger and the Sebastian Cobler Foundation promote the project, which will be implemented by the Augsburger filmmaker Timian Hopf. More info and first documentary previews are dokufilm under. Finally once again a huge thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support that has undergone the film project of you! Thank you!

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Adaptive Driver

Seats with better fit, more support and more functional the sides of the front seats are now 20 mm greater than the first-generation Mazda3, which allows them to offer a better grip and a better adaptation to the legs. The backs have also grown 35 mm, improving their characteristics of support. In addition, the new Mazda3 can incorporate sport seats (depending on finish). The interactive lighting control is a foretaste of the Zoom-Zoom driving experience. For example, when the driver opened the car, the cockpit and the door handles light in sequence, as well as indicators and the central display, to welcome the driver and passengers (depending on finish).

The lighting also responds when the driver operated controls, reinforcing the interactive communication between car and driver. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Substantial reduction of the noise of the wind and the carreterPara provide a more silent and pleasant run many improvements have been made to the structural and rigidity to the noise of the kinematic chain. For example, the high frequency noise that sometimes can be heard has been lowered to decelerate, while that could be a sportier engine sound. Increase the rigidity of the components and unions has also contributed to a more silent March, which places the Mazda3 among the leaders in its segment. The sound pressure level associated with the rolling noise has cut between a 6 and a 11% with respect to the previous model. Aerodynamic noises have been reduced by 6% to 59.0 dB at 100 km/h with a cross wind of 5 m/s: in short, the new Mazda3 is one of the quieter vehicles in its segment.

Seguridadademas improve the technologies of passive safety, Mazda has perfected the safety equipment active allowing you to recognize and avoid the hazards. Specifically, the new Mazda3 has ABS, force distribution of braking (EBD), stability control (DSC) and adaptive rear lamps and headlamps with Adaptive forward lighting system Pivot (according to finish). Other elements are changing lanes (LCA) Wizard and the tire pressure light. New model passive security systems include first and foremost the advanced system of distribution and absorption of impact energy of Mazda, a proprietary technology brand resulting in an extremely rigid and safe body. The Mazda3 also has active head restraints in the front seats and offers six airbags standard. All this places the vehicle at the level of the best scores in the world crash tests. Dear reader, gathers it our invitation to visit our Web site at Internet Vision Automotriz Magazine, where you will find the latest that is happening in the exciting world of the automobile, the last news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the world automotive industry.

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