Organization World Trade

In June of 2003, the Ministers of agriculture, health and environment in more than 110 countries met in the American California State, and they personally appreciated how biotechnology can increase productivity, quality and usefulness of the food part of this ministerial conference is outlined by the electronic newspaper of the State Department of the United States, volume 8, number 3, September 2003 year, which does not include the article are the risks which have biotechnology. The spread of organisms genetically to wild relatives contaminating them and disappearing them, moreover, that could be difficult to control them. Mutations in the genetic systems of pests and insects and the effects on human health by unusual organisms that cannot control the immune system. Styling the road after an almost three hour meeting that held in Sao Paulo, in which discussed agricultural subsidies and the globalized market, the Foreign Minister of Brazil, Celso Amorim, and the United States trade representative, Susan Schwab, concluded that it is necessary that measures be taken urgently in the round Doha of the Organization World Trade (WTO).Brazilian Foreign Minister said he was convinced that the end of the negotiations is about to happen, therefore announced that it will contact partners of Brazil in the Group G-20 agricultural producing countries and MERCOSUR, to intensify inter-ministerial meetings. These meetings concentrate agricultural producers and oil-producing States (cane, corn or grains fermentable), i.e., ethanol-producing potential. Amorin left a track of the causal interests of the Brazil-United States agreement. The Minister stressed the big change now is to pass to see alcohol (ethanol) not as an agricultural product subject to all protections that agricultural products historically have, but as an energy commodity. United States already has part of the path way, has very advanced technology for obtaining agricultural negotiable resources and climatic changes (climatic weapons), but also to be the pioneer in the list of most polluting countries in the world.