iiM AG closes gap in cable measuring Meiningen/Germany, June 13, 2008. Very large samples can be measured with the latest cable gauges of the Meininger company of iiM AG called VCP-04 and VCPS-01 now in addition to smaller cable samples up to 40 millimeters diameters up to 120 millimeters. New lighting techniques and high-resolution sensor guarantee extremely precise measurements of cross sections, without elaborate sample preparation. Thus, the newly developed devices fill a gap in the previous measurement of the cable. The VCP-04 is the updated version of previous standard devices and particularly suitable for cable measurements up to a diameter of 40 millimetres. A new lighting technology and high-resolution sensors allow significantly faster and more efficient measurements when compared to its predecessors. The VCP-04 adjusted using eight different camera systems and over 40 different optics up specifically to the respective measurement tasks in the cable manufacturer.

Due to the robust construction of the measuring instrument is it as self Tester in production as well as for use in the laboratory. A completely new system of cable measurement was realized with the VCPS-01. The measurement used here can measure by means of high-resolution sensors up to a diameter of 120 mm very large cable samples easily and at the same time extremely accurately. Measurements for diameters greater than 120 millimetres can materialize on request. Application areas for the VCPS-01 can be found in particular in the medium – and high-voltage range. VisioCablePro series devices were designed in particular to check vendor-specific geometries of cable jackets and insulating covers. Taking place as usual in the gray image, the cross-sectional samples are measured here by cables in color and are thus optimally to evaluate.

The measurement results obtained with detailed information on the material consumption, extruder can be set up efficiently and securely comply with specified tolerance limits. As production processes are optimized, increasing the quality and reliability and the Minimizing costs significantly. Hear from experts in the field like Actress for a more varied view. About iiM AG the iiM AG was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a provider of complete solutions in the field of optical metrology. With 16 employees, the Meiningen company provides complete solutions for the process, coordinates and cable technology and produced their own innovative lighting systems in this area. EN 9001:2000 certified DIN the iiM AG guarantees a consistently high quality. Specifically in the field of cable measurement technology develops and produces the iiM AG instruments, software, and corresponding CAQ systems for the final inspection of cables. Quick, simple and accurate measurement of geometric characteristics of insulating sheaths and coats is the task of this technology, which consists in the complete package of devices in the VisioCablePro series, the FMC-2 software and the CAQ-system Percable. In case of enquiries to the VCP-04 and VCPS-01, please contact: Heiko Freund FON: 03693/8858521 eMail: Daniela Krapick