It contains 1,500 pages and it was sent to a Finnish political party of rights. Technology Investor has many thoughts on the issue. it offers in first fruit this information in Spain. The prisoner has said to the Police that the deaths ” they were cruel, but necesarias”. ‘ libro’ it unravels its revolutionary theory, seated on the base of which the Marxist ideology has destroyed Europe from II the World war. Several passages talk about the threat of the Islamic colonization, and to its plan to construct a society better.

Anders Behring, a Christian fundamentalist, defendant of ” acts of terrorismo”. Norway lives overwhelmed the national tragedy on a double attempted with 92 dead ones. Anders Behring Breivik, the man of 32 years stopped by the attacks of Norway, sent to a Finnish party a manifesto explaining how it prepared the massive attack of Norway and calling to a fight against the Muslims and the Communists. Hours later, a car exploded pump in center of Oslo and was lengthy after shooting indiscriminately against the participant young people in the camping of youths of the party Norwegian Labour Party member in the island of Utya. Altogether, 92 people, the majority young of the Social-Democratic party in the Government have passed away. The titled manifesto Declaration of the Independence of Europe is a document of 1,500 pages to which the Norwegian newspaper Vg has had access, that is property, like, of group Schibsted the means. Apparently, the prisoner sent hours before the slaughter to a Finnish political party of ideas Populists and nationalists of rights. When he sent ‘ libro’ to the Finns, he specified to them how much work had cost to him to also do it and how to make it public.