Types of Manage Nets the measure that had been if spreading, had been also appearing vary forms of manage that they function in accordance with> level of computerization of the company being that, in the Centered Management an only manager controls the process and the problems with the centered models of gerenciamentos of nets become more critical in the ratio where the net grows, in the Decentralized Management the activities are distributed, therefore has several responsible we for the management allowing that the work is made of hierarchic form, that is, each knot responsible for is determined type of managemental activity. we have the model where the net administrators are alerted of problems occurred in the infrastructure and start to act in its solution also known as Reactive Management, and the Pro-Active Management that acts in the direction to try to prevent the interruption of the services. Independent of the type of management a infinity of how much in such a way gratuitous paid tools exists that assist the administrators of net in these functions. With this increasing necessity of management, one became necessary that standards for these tools were established. In reply to this necessity two standards had appeared: Family of Protocols SNMP: protocol SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) mentions a set to it of standards for management that includes a protocol, a specification of structure of data, and a set of objects of data.

This protocol today already is in its second official version, call of SNMPv2. already exists studies for the development of the SNMPv3. This is the protocol of manages adopted as standard for nets TCP/IP, and that here it will be treated. Systems of management OSI: this term mentions a great set to it of standards of great complexity, that define applications on purpose general for manage of nets, a service of management and protocol, a specification of structure of data, and a set of objects of data.