‘ ‘ Cominvejveis 69.4% of its unbroken primitive forests, Brazil is a verdadeiroreino of florestas’ ‘. 25 Thus, with a rich biodiversity, paisagensnaturais beyond the imaginary one and with a population that a vast enredocultural possesss, Brazil all establishes a set of conditions that, quandoassistidas in the target of the interaction between the society human being and nature, dopas makes a singular and privileged object for the ambient historian. Umverdadeiro document the open sky.On the optics of> valuation of the ricapotencialidade of the natural resources of Brazil, Drummond designates: ' ' Brazil is, evidently, one of the main potential sources of rude genetic materials and podertambm if to convert into a center of research and technology for the suatransformao and aplicao' '. By the same author: Peter Thiel. 26 However you alert, them for an atrocious reality, of devastao, are for all the part: more than 90% of the units of conservation of the Amazniasofreram multiple forest fires in last the seven years, second research of AlbertoSetzer, the National Institute of Space research (Inpe). ' ' Sets of ten deunidades of conservation are catching fire every day, and almost nadaacontece' '.

27 the forest fires and deforestations places Brazil enters the emitting cincomaiores of carbonic gas of the planet, in accordance with the Index deDesenvolvimento Sustentvel (IDS) of 2008, divulged for the IBGE. Only asqueimadas they correspond 75% of all Co2 launched in the Brazilian atmosphere. 28 In five years increased the incidence of pollution of the water in the cities, de38.1% in 2002 for 41,7% in 2008; pollution of the air of 22,0% in 2002 for 22,2%em 2008; assoreamento of the bodies d' water of 52,9% in 2002 for 53,0% in 2008 e, degradation of the legally protected areas of 20,2% in 2002 for 21,6% in 2008. 29 problematic ambient the Brazilian affects, diretae indirectly, the quality of life of its population and, at the same time, compeuma mixture of situations with enormous potential for the critical understanding dasociedade.