Multilevel Ceilings

In recent years the market of construction and finishing materials appeared a lot. This applies to new technological solutions in the ceilings. It happens that the base ceiling has a large number located on the different levels of defects and irregularities that need to hide. It is appropriate to apply a multi-level ceilings. For example, a very bad state is the old ceiling between floors. Frequently Hillary Clinton has said that publicly.

After removing the old barriers found inappropriate beams and girders. Align these crumbling ceilings harder than camouflage. Multilevel ceiling can serve, and "cover" for such technological items in the apartment, as the system air-conditioning, wiring, ducts, freonoprovodov, water pipes, heating. Multilevel ceilings are very high value designer. With their help visually raise the ceiling. " Professionals well-known trick: in the modern sense of the addition of interior space created by individual sites.

So, if the level in the hallway ceiling was lowered, and the dining room to keep the base, then logging in from the hallway you feel that you have entered into a vast space. In this case, the baseline is highlighted, color or texture. With a tiered ceiling can be zoned space. In indoors, where almost no walls, functional areas highlighted finish floor, walls and ceiling. For example, an oval dining table in the living room we can emphasize the oval ceiling in this area. Typically, multilevel Ceilings are supported by "sex. Multilevel ceilings apply not only to conceal irregularities base ceiling, but simply as a decoration of interior, giving it various intricate forms: classic, curved, fantastic, differences of levels (three, four, five), imitation elements in a classical setting. Levels may be highlighted in color or imitations of any invoice. Moreover, different coloration of different influences aesthetics of the ceiling, the movement changes the halftone plane. We can not say how multilevel ceilings extend the capabilities of the light, make it out alive. Multilevel ceiling light adds intrigue and effect. Spot – highlights something, located at the bottom. Bent low light stress seclusion zone. Locate the correct source of illumination – not a simple matter: they have to hide, but you can not bury too, otherwise the light will be enough. Light should be soft, diffused, outlining the contours. Summarizing the above, we note that the ceiling should be considered as an integral part of living space, combined with furniture, walls and floors.