The by far most used channel for customer service survey of Sikom illuminated status of communication technology in the customer service Heidelberg, May 23, 2012 and customer communication is and remains the phone, followed by E-Mail as well as the information and opportunities for interaction on Web sites. (Source: Naveen Selvadurai). As one of the Central results of the expert poll on the best-practice day is language without frontiers”of Sikom Software GmbH. The company had invited to Heidelberg to discuss current developments once more numerous decision-makers from contact centers and service organizations. These include the topics of unified communications, social media and the free queue were on the agenda. The social media channels have no doubt, and we see a growing willingness to offer these channels also customer services companies, which attract mainly consumer,”, Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom software reports.

Yet it was during the event and also at “evaluating our study clearly that an economically meaningful and effective customer service based still on the phone and more on email and communication through websites.” Asked about the current use of social media platforms a quarter of respondents stated that only private use Facebook & co.. Scarce ten percent, however, only for business use on Web 2.0. More than half (53 percent) use social media for the company as well as the Leisure and only 12 percent completely waive the new communication channels. The assessment of the relevance of social media as a discussion platform for the customers of the respective companies is quite different. At least 35 per cent of respondents suggest that their customers at least every now and then interact via social media about their company. Every tenth person is even of the opinion that this happens very often. At least 42 percent but assume that their customers rarely or never even via Web 2.0 with each other about their products and services replace.