Vibration and noise in the engine, "Cold start" just cut the life cycle of the engine. Adroll follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, the earlier the engine will be protected from various types of wear, the better. In 2006, in St. Petersburg as a result of many empirical exploration, a new Product: "Nano-Metal Optimizer" Suprotec-Atomium. " The first part of the name "Atomium" – "Atom" – refers to the nanotechnology of atomic transformations of metal, while the second part of the Union speech with "I" means "mind", that is, points to "Intelligent" processes of hardening and self-organization of the surface layers of the crystal lattice of the metal and the geometry optimization of friction pairs in the contact zones. Nano-metal optimizer "Suprotec-Atomium" – is a complex molecular system, mezhatomarnyh ties of fullerenes and nanostructures, consisting of billions of natural "atomic nanoprotsessorov", with its unique information specifying, for its natural "Nanoprogrammoy" samorganizatsii surface layers of metal. In applying the "Suprotec-Atomium" is created metallofullerenovy layer having the properties of self-organization of the surface nanolayers of metal.

Strengthens crystal lattice of the metal in areas of friction on the superficial level. Changes in the structure of the metal in areas of friction, and hence the properties of the metal in the process of chemisorption, resorption, diffusion, electrodiffusion, – ions "adsorbed" "Absorbed" in the entire metal atomic groups and chains. At the atomic level in the crystal lattice of the metal reaction occurs, "substitution" of some other atoms. Condensed atomic structure and interatomic bonds in crystal lattice of the metal.