Remember the scene from the movie "oligarchs" with Vladimir Mashkov in the title role? When Koretsky says Plato, that, say, 'tomorrow on this table should be based on ten million, dollars, of course'? So, if the scene a little pereinachit, submit a hero Mashkov as a student, Koretsky – in the role of the teacher and the subject matter – money – in the role of abstract work, you get something like this: "Tomorrow at this table should be based on the essay, written by you, Of course. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Thiel, another great source of information. " And, continuing the analogy with the film, here for the student not the main essay, and then, by what means of teaching has to test it. And he has probably the most modern means. What to do? Is it possible to write your own? Yes, on their own. Just do not write, and correct. Lightly, or in more detail – the student's choice. There is such a wonderful thing – rewriting, that is, roughly speaking, paraphrasing. And the technology is its highly simple.

Here are its main components. The first stage of transformation downloaded into a unique work – action, called in a medium rerayterov 'jumped-Word'. The name speaks for itself: you 'jump' with the lines on the line, and each replacing one or two words are synonymous. By the way, case work is not always rich in variety of terms, and, for example, in the abstract about schoolchildren on almost every line of the word schoolboy. That surprisingly, is not it? So, feel free to change all the 'students' to 'pupils'.