Large Group Methods

Effective action planning, strategy development and actionable results with up to 500 persons possible large group events can achieve big effects in change processes of companies. With large group methods, it is possible to effectively involve entire workforces, subgroups, or management teams in change processes. Choosing the right method, even large groups can achieve actionable results within a short time. A detailed preparation is critical success factor. Large group events are an important tool of organizational development. In the preparation of large group processes are three principles to keep in mind: relevant system forces involved, to find moving questions make transparent handling of results, so that employees know what they are sustainable effects allow providing sufficient resources to the implementation of the results available preparation of large group events is also taking place in four steps: context and order clarification Selection of the appropriate method of preparation meeting with Stellvertretetergremium for control and monitoring of change projects why so much effort? All system relevant forces should be included in the preparation of a large group moderation so that the process to meet the needs of all groupings of of part of can be cut. Only in this way can be guaranteed, that all points of view and interests adequately in the event can come to words and their effect in the change process.

One of the most important requirements is the definition of the target area”by the leadership. Employees want to know usually in advance exactly which preliminary decisions have already fallen (and therefore stand firm) and in what context can move solution proposals. Employees want to know how will proceed later with the results. The worst would be if the leadership masquerading as an open-ended process, the implementation results in advance already firmly stood. Employees in the phase of implementation feel immediately and feel of course according to verschaukelt. Of such employees you need later no greater exposure for the company to expect more”, says organizational consultant Florian Grolman from Berlin.