Large-format printing his Wolnzach must not expensive, 09.10.2009 Secabo, developer and producer of advertising technology hardware, goes with a bang into the market for large format printers: the Secabo SP series meets professional standards and offers a wide range of equipment at a very reasonable total cost of 11,000 euros (180 cm printing width) up to 19,000 euros (330 cm printing width). The SP series comprises three units: depending on the needs of the customer between printing widths of 180cm, 250cm or 330cm decides. A maximum resolution of 1440 dpi allows high resolution prints on all common digital printing media. All Secabo SP models are supplied with foot, automatic Medienab and aufwicklung, three controllable heating systems, as well as a drying unit. Further the delivery package includes the RIP software PosterPrint”the Swiss company ErgoSoft. Secabo SP series: large format printing for everyone with the Secabo SP series remains Secabo of his philosophy faithfully, to offer high quality products at reasonable prices. Thanks their attractive and unique on the market, price / performance ratio this allround printers are not only an attractive addition to the expensive brand devices, but also the ideal solution for medium-sized companies of the advertising technology, which go into the area of the large-format printing and open up new fields of business”, says Fabian Franke, CEO of Secabo.

Big savings on ink costs even at the cost of printing the printer of the Secabo SP series offer big savings: the ink cost of equipment of SP series are at approximately 0.35 euros per square metre. With the Secabo large-format printers can be eco -, mild and hard-solvent inks of various manufacturers on all common digital printing media. So extremely low ink cost per square metre can be achieved”, explains Fabian Franke a further advantage of the new range of printers. The printers were launch at the Viscom at the launch of the Secabo SP series on the year’s Viscom Dusseldorf already very well accepted. The echo among the trade visitors was”overwhelming, Franke is pleased. Numerous orders for the devices were already there.” Currently, Secabo exclusively distributes the product through YOW!, Europe’s largest online shop for advertising and creative technology (

About Secabo Secabo-( operates in two locations: the Secabo GmbH with seat in Upper Bavaria is responsible for the areas of development, service, support and sales. The Secabo ltd. Hong Kong takes care of production and quality control in Asia. Secabo brought an extensive hardware portfolio for advertising technology in recent years to market maturity. Include among different cutters, transfer presses, badge making machines, sandblast cabinets and large format printers (stand: October 2009). All Secabo products comply with the highest standards of quality and safety and have 24 months warranty. Secabo devices on the market strong demand, because they the hitherto existing gap between while cheap,. but error-prone equipment from the far East and usually very expensive brand devices to the satisfaction of hobby users such as professionals.