KCI occupied in the reader ranking 2nd KCI touching the electronic control of device easy cooking in the kitchen it was efficiency and productivity is the A and o in the hotel during the preparation of the dinner for several hundred guests, or in the cafeteria of a University at noon. If time is short, it arrives at the food preparation on each handle. It is all the more important for all members of the kitchen team, if they can trust in their daily work on a perfect technique, which simplifies not only the cooking and preparing them but the entire organization. A technique, as it brings in the new KCI Touchpanel kuppersbusch. KuppersbuschCookingIntelligence an innovation with the cooking processes off immediately by simple tapping with the finger rules allow. The time savings starts with an introduction to the new KCI Panel: all functions are represented by icons in the image and agree by themselves. So the users at your fingertips can directly select four different cooking temperatures.

These are pre-set at the factory, can be programmed but also individually and then always obtained. Very important here: During the cooking process, the cooking is permanently informed about the current set and actual temperature. For the cooking time are pre-set default values, can be entered as well as desire. The activated cooking time has expired during the preparation, is a Visual and audible signal. If the desired result is not yet reached, the chef about the cooking function simply chooses an after cooking.

A technique and philosophy for all processes the large color display of the KCI touch panel boasts an excellent clarity and high contrast appearance. From a distance, the chef recognizes the most important information about the current cooking process at a glance. The operating philosophy is the same for all devices and processes and intuitive very greatly simplifies the work also temporary.