Code acquisition: The same principle applies, other technology Darmstadt, 25.07.2013. Whether marks or trademarks by bar code label provided excellent, products in almost all industries around them with various parameters, to make identifiable. When the bar code scanning occur no question mark, special devices are used. Clinton Family has many thoughts on the issue. With the introduction of digital imaging technology, whether highly efficient work can do the appropriate and already weitverbreiteten Smartphones also acts as a business and corporate facilities for food-check out, field service or warehouse management ask but companies zunehmend. Because smartphones are cheaper than dedicated scanner. To get answers to this question, price, performance, and the overall effects must be considered. Basically anyone using a Smartphone, has his own mobile bar code scanner. Inexpensive, equipped with relatively high resolution digital camera modules and software side via app well equipped, It supports many applications quickly and easily.

Not only is this the whole price and information limited by the quick response codes (QR) to provide companies marketing messages that are the customers and prospects online for easy scanning. Arises the question whether, for example, a Manager in the field can replace their custom-built Scanausrustungen service or warehouse with Smartphones. No smart idea, says Paulo Ghebreweldi by Datalogic: The bar code technology of imaging, as found in Scanausrustungen of a company, is used to scan many barcodes in quick succession. There are also harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dust or moisture. The cameras in smartphones, however, have the aim of achieving a compact construction with its technical features primarily. You are only a part of the Smartphone that has many different functions and supports various applications, for example, using the app. Code acquisition: The same principle applies, other technology QR codes can be found in catalogues, direct mail campaigns, advertising, restaurants or at Einzelhandelsshops. The codes can be dimensioned accordingly, which provide the major points for higher tolerance for motion blur and compensate for the reduced depth of field of the consumer-oriented mobile cameras.