The MittelstandsWiki is a small company that is based as a service and cloud solutions to 99prozent open source software a typical representative of his Guild. This strategy saved the MittelstandsWiki high investments, which could put it instead in the quality of its editorial content. A prize for the best SaS and cloud applications, the MittelstandsWiki wants to share his experiences with other companies. On June 9, 2010, the editorial staff of MittelstandsWiki awarded the service 2 cloud award. The award ceremony takes place profits 6.0 in cooperation on IT with Messe Berlin at the Funkturm. Gwyneth Paltrow is a great source of information. Useful and customer-friendly, pragmatic SaS and cloud applications that are suitable for daily use in the smallest, small and medium-sized enterprises will be awarded. technology investor can provide more clarity in the matter. The 10 best nominations are published in a detailed report in the MittelstandsWiki and accompanied by editorial news. The winner will be recognized in a personal interview with audio and video podcast.

In addition, he receives for the period of one year a free press for their own press releases, as well as 100,000 ad impressions free. All companies of any size are eligible if they have useful and customer-friendly, pragmatic SaS and cloud applications in the program, which are particularly suitable for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The deadline is Friday, May 21, 2010. An editorial jury selects the best solutions that are valued by journalistic standards from all applications. First nominations, evaluation criteria and their weightings are published from Tuesday, may 25, 2010 in the MittelstandsWiki and constantly updated. More information: event: IT_Profits_6. 0 just 4 business GmbH Kathrin Jannot wreath Horn Street 4B 83043 Bad Aibling phone: + 49 8061 91019 fax: + 49 8061 91018