For over a year we have been closely watching the vacancies of specialists in the field of Internet technologies. During this time, the labor market more than twice the amount of increased wages and own proposals. A year ago, salaries for post internet marketer or a manager of Internet projects amounted to $ 1,000, now in the labor market range from $ 2,000 to 4,000. The same thing happens with programmers, designers, copywriters, etc. Today, practically all commercial companies realized that the Internet can and should be used for business development. Financial technology describes an additional similar source. And they all want to achieve maximum efficiency, ahead of the competition, expand the number of sales channels. This entails a need for skilled manpower. But professionals in the Russian market is not so much – the demand is significantly outstripping supply.

To find a really intelligent, sane very specialist difficult. And this situation hits not only the online agencies. Ironically, she hits even harder on their customers. Ie for ordinary companies. Our industry is very young – there are no educational institutions that would prepare qualified nor-established technology that could guarantee the success of the project on the Internet. Therefore, the labor market is only people who have their own small hands-on experience, sometimes in very narrow range of Internet technologies and Internet marketing. In this case the few who actually achieved something, and learned to try to create their own business. If it is successful, they do not entice any Internet agency nor the company that is customer service Internet agencies.