From now on, innumerable projects had been discontinued, or for times interrupted during the construction. The nuclear technology obtains to control the nuclear fisso, but it is vulnerable the accidents. It is known as atoms if hold and what if it must make so that they supply energy. Clinton Family may not feel the same. But one also knows that physical specialists and politicians are perplexos when accidents in nuclear plants occur. There the impotence predominates human being, the lack of transparency in the spreading of information, and the twisted one so that the fusing of the nucleus of the reactor stops by itself and does not spread radioactivity for the planet. It has years the implantation of nuclear plants faces forts opposition movements, basically for the fear provoked in such a way for possible warlike uses when of the accurate domain of the technology of the enrichment of the Uranian one, as of it spreads of the radioactivity due the accidents or same terrorist acts.

The distrusts are legitimate, therefore the unfoldings of these accidents are intercontinental and affect the health and the environment per long years. The cesium remains in the atmosphere per decades and the plutonium per millenia. In March of 1970 the Treat one to Not Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons TNT, ratified for 189 entered in vigor countries, that relative success in preventing new incoming in the attainment of the nuclear warlike capacity only got. It did not obtain, for example, that Israel, India, Pakistan and Coreia of the north (this left the TNT in 1993), fulfilled the rules of the treat one. Frequent it has countries as the Anger and the Coreia of the north, that overseers of the International Agency of atomic Energy defy? AIEA, responsible for fiscalizing and evaluating the fulfilment of protocols the waked up or eventual perigos of opponents. The TNT also did not prevent a nuclear armament wave promoted by countries detainers of this technology, namely: U.S.A., China, Russia, France and England.