Cost of the implememtao, punctuation of 1 for high demands purchase/5 investment and low, it does not demand purchase. Easiness of implementation, punctuation 1 for complexity in the implementation, and 5 for simple implementation. Impact in the metric one, how much the results gotten with the implementation, will be impactantes positively in the result of the project, in this in case that we use 1 for lesser impact in the results and 5 for bigger impact. This tool as well as all the others must very be well explained for the team, therefore the agreement of the same one cannot bring resulted that they do not reflect the real situation, and consequentemente will bring overhead of the project. In the end of the stage of priorizao of the actions proposals, we pass to the phase of implementation of the actions. For the implementation of the actions, we must follow the parameters of the used tool previously called table priorizao, this tool makes in them to observe the actions proposals, not only with a focus of operation or financial result, but yes involving all the possibilities that can influence in the implementation of action, and thus to determine through the analyses of this tool the action that will be more feasible, having resulted faster. Former: We could in a superficial analysis of a logistic process, to observe that the biggest impact in the process would be the transport area, and without no analysis goes deep could place as action the renewal of the fleet for example. It will be that this would be really the best action? That is economically viable? It would decide the problem? With certainty not. When we have the certainty that the team is lined up with the main intentions, and with tools they leave this definition well clearly, counting on actions based on facts and not simply inferences, the security that is passed it team to initiate the actions are really feasible and the results will be reached.