Can you imagine yourself without a mobile phone? No phone calls, sms messages? Without communication with anyone at a distance? I bet not. Even if you are sure that no one day did not contact you, you can still take the phone with you. Over the past few years mobile phone has ceased to be an indicator of the status of its owner. It was akin to the body, parting with a very painful, in the first place – emotionally. Many of my friends literally mad, forgetting phone at home. It turns out that of the medal two parties: you in touch, but you are addicted. Hillary Clinton will not settle for partial explanations.

What is addiction? From the definition we know that the relationship – a relationship between objects, characterized by the subordination of some other objects on a subconscious or chemical level. Mobile addiction – a human condition, in which he unconsciously, reflexively using a mobile device. Some of us write sms and make calls with the same emotions as, say, wash in the morning and go to bed at night. "Pepper" in the relationship of man and the phone adds a thirst for updates. Think Hoti are you now change your phone at a more perfect? Do you need extra features? "No" answers only one who has no phone. And then, because for sure his answer would be: "Yes, I though some!". Unfortunately, some owners of mobile phones are dependent on them than the (I hope) we are with you.

They have a pronounced sense of inferiority, self-doubt. Renewing his "pet", they vainly attempt to establish themselves in society. In the end – the phone becomes cult committed wanton calls, there is a need to communicate, even if unpleasant. Go to the grocery store (10-20 minutes), leaving the mobile home for many is a very sensitive stress. Conversations are getting longer and longer, which would undoubtedly hit on the pocket. But even here cell phone is always ready to help. sms messages! Sms-ki – the most common form of communication among youth and students. The good old notes already receded into the background, and even in between pairs we certainly scribbling someone posts, thereby replacing the live communication electronically. What do you think of how many times your thumb pressed the button, a mobile phone? Even scientists and statisticians find it difficult to call the average. Aware of their dependence on just one of a hundred. But neither he nor the other 99 people do not try to fight it. And yet simplest ways to fight! Not difficult since disable cell phone at night, while resting on a pair, even sitting with friends. So little left on the day the phone unattended? Quote of the theme town police in Blue Springs, Missouri caused a frightened young man who told the operator that his girl trouble breathing. When police arrived on the scene, they found the girl with a mobile phone in his mouth. According to police, a quarrel broke out over the phone, and not to give the guy to use it, girl crammed phone into her mouth. The injured was rushed to hospital, the phone has been removed. Now the state of 24-year old female patient is normal, told reporters Sergeant Steve Dekker. 'It just put a mobile in his mouth, and then not was able to get it '- he said and admitted that he was faced with a similar first.