Legal certainty is many company bosses objective, but also environmental protection and added responsibility are important concerns. Or they want to increase the motivation of the employees, because they like to work with a pioneer in environmental protection. Heinrich Mosler, the owner of a roofing company, customer discussions had made it clear, clients want environmental information about the workshop and its products. And since Heinrich Mosler was also President of the Chamber of crafts for middle Franconia, the environmentally conscious businesses in craft and commercial quality composite formed this conclusion in 1997 of the QuB. ( that has what activities now, for example, the mentioned joinery concretely done? She decided to participate in the QuB. In the context of such participation, she reduced the commercial waste through a systematic value separation.

The demand for polyurethane foam has been reduced by alternative sealing techniques in the construction of the window; the company teamed up on the Return system PDR for PU-foams on. The quantity of sludge was reduced by prior to painting the doors and Windows are carefully cleaned. And it was switched to water-based paints. Environmental management, it comes to improve the environmental impact of an organization, to reduce so negative environmental impacts and to enhance positive environmental effects, explains Dr. King-Hoffmann. Before that concrete measures can be taken, taking stock of the actual state is necessary.

It must determine those parts of activities, products and services, the environmental impact. This stocktaking of environmental aspects must be adapted to the individual conditions of the respective operation: the company in a residential, mixed or industrial zone stands? What materials are used for what purposes? What laws and regulations apply to the industry or the unions? Just for example, I wonder what legal rules to be observed, can the legal conformity of the Company judge. The mentioned chemical company, the one about a year to the wants to build, has inventory now completed, now defects are processed.