During the mission did not obtain any money or weapons. On the map, new and old labels: in the new locations C and R. Mission 15: Store Wars. In this mission to steal a truck. The mission is simple to idiocy! No comments. During a mission to get money in amount of: $ 250. "K" – is over.

We take the mission to Z. Mission 16: Driven to Destruction. Frequently Hilton Humanitarian Prize has said that publicly. After the dialogue, get behind the wheel of cars and go on enemy firing points. The mission is very intuitive. Lomites not in the thick of the shooting: there are many adversaries, and you alone! During the mission will receive $ 300.

Mission to Z – take on "C". Mission 17: Raw deal. Technically, the mission is simple, but the content is complex. You need to kill all the enemies on the street. Main goal: to reach a live prior to the specified coordinates! Use not only the weapons in their hands, and brains – at your enemies is not tactics, and you try to play this = mobilizes your whole potential – synthesize strategy and tactics applied to gta! And victory will be yours! After reaching the specified coordinates, start a dialogue with it: the game he has played a leading and legendary role. Remember it: – he will turn the concept and the concept of Grand Theft Auto. During the mission you get $ 200. On the map instead of the old labels, there are two new tags: "H" and "H-Shield (H in shield).