Today, many people think about the construction of suburban housing. And it is very important as much as possible consider the entire construction process. One important consideration is the choice of building material. Today there a large number of very different material for the construction of houses and cottages. One of the most popular material is a laminated board. This is not surprising, because the tree was always held in high esteem. From the earliest time of it were built not only homes but also churches, bridges and other necessary facilities. Glued laminated timber – is the material obtained in the course of modern high-tech processing, which allowed to minimize disadvantages of wood, but retain all the advantages inherent in such building materials as wood.

How do get glued laminated wood? It's very simple. The basis of the tree being cut to pieces, give the board certain length and thickness. These boards are subjected to drying, during which the amount of moisture in the wood reaches 10%. This makes it more durable laminated board. What causes the corresponding quality of the future home of laminated timber. All boards are culled in the process that removes unwanted items.

Thus, the laminated board excludes the presence of areas of poor quality. In addition, the board held a special treatment that makes them surface perfectly flat and smooth, so the walls of houses from glued beams will delight you with their looks. Perhaps you do not want to resort to additional finishing, which will greatly save costs. Glued laminated timber allows for any architectural ideas, as modern technology allows the board to get absolutely any length. In this laminated board is very easy and convenient material for Construction and home of such material are built in a relatively short period of time.