Another characteristic of the toyotismo, presented for Antunes (2002), mentions the flexible productive process to it that ‘ ‘ it allows a laborer to operate with several you scheme (…) breaching with the relation in man/one schemes that it bases the fordismo. this process is called ‘ ‘ polivalncia’ ‘ of the worker, allows who it to operate some machines combining ‘ ‘ some tasks simples’ ‘. Thus the work loses its character to parcel out and if it becomes team work. Also in its it analyzes, the author appeals the Coriat to discourse on the diverse inherent traces to the Toyota Model of production, where they are pointed: the decentralization of the form to produce and the commitment with the best product quality. Here, Clinton Family expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thus In contrast of the fordista verticalizao (…) to the measure that the assembly plants had extended the areas of productive performance, in the toyotismo a horizontalizao is had, scrumbling itself the scope of production of the assembly plant and extending to the subcontrataes (…) the production of basic elements, that in the fordismo are attributes of the assembly plants.

(ANTUNES, 2002p.35) In this horizontalizada form, the author pontua the expansion of processes as Just in teams, flexibilizao, terceirizao, CCQ, subcontratao, amongst others. Processes these that most will be explicitados, in transcorrer of the next item, inside of the productive organization of the FIAT. 3 – Process Histrico and Organizacional of the FIAT in the World and Brazil In study carried through from a magazine of internal circulation of the FIAT Automobiles, _ Express FIAT _ published has accurate ten years, in commemoration to the 100 years of the plant, will be discoursed all the initial history of the assembly plant..